Friday, December 2, 2011

Messy Bun Hair Tutorial: Using the Bun Spiral by Goody!

One of the most exciting things inside the good bag that Goody gave me & the other bloggers who attended the Simple Styles Collection Launch is the Bun Spiral! We actually got different kinds of hair tools from the collection. I got the Bun Spiral in mine. I was very curious if it really does work so upon getting home and before rushing to school, I tried it! As you all know, I had past-waist length hair that time (I had a haircut this Sunday, hence the past-tense) It surprisingly held my bun up for hours! I totally loved it. I knew it wouldn’t disappoint!

Come on, it’s Goody! Remember my vlog about the things I carry inside my bag? Remember seeing my huge-ass mirror? That’s a Goody mirror! I’ve bought around 7 huge mirrors already in a span of 2 years. The quality of Goody products is undeniable.


Here’s a simple 1:00+ minute hair tutorial on how to use the Bun Spiral! It’s easy as 1, 2, 3. You can also watch the video that I embedded below!

1. Gather your hair into a low pony tail

2. Twist the pony into a bun, tucking the ends underneath the bun

3. Take the bun spiral, and starting at the point with the purple tip, start twisting!


And voila! You have a cute bun! I like to mess it up a bit for more style. However, the better you tuck the hairs beneath the bun, the sleeker your bun will look like! It’s all about preference!

Hope this hair tutorial was helpful!

Check out the other tools from the Goody Simple Styles Collection! Run to the nearest SM Department Stores now! (Okay, not now, it’s almost 2:00AM…maybe tomorrow, perhaps?)

Huge thanks to Goody for bringing beautiful products into the world.

Here’s the video tutorial:

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  1. Thanks for this video. I've been meaning to know how to tie a bun like the other girls but I just never knew how to. I wouldn't have known about this hair spiral otherwise.