Friday, December 23, 2011

FX Blow Out and Curl Booster


Ever since Monea phased out their CPR Heat Protectant spray (I’m assuming they did since my readers and myself don’t see it in Watsons or anywhere else anymore) I’ve been hunting for a great alternative…and guess what?


I was at the Mall of Asia last Monday and I paid Watsons a visit as usual. I came across this booth of FX products. I’ve never seen them before, and the saleslady told me this is because they only sell in major branches (like MOA) I went through their products and was really happy to finally see products that I’ve been looking for forever!

Starting off with the FX Blow Out—Moisture Lock Blow Dry Cream | Heat Memory | Thermal Protection & Defrizzant

“FX Blow Out Blow Dry Cream works to instantly smooth and condition dry, damaged hair by sealing and protecting it from harmful heat so your style lasts all day. It provides thermal protective shield from the damaging heat of blow dryers, curling irons, and other styling tools. Liquid silk proteins, smoothing shea butter and nourishing coconut milk proteins provide maximum protection, while locking in moisture and conditioning hair, leaving it shiny, silky and frizz free!”

TO USE: Work FX Blow Out Blow Dry Cream evenly into hair working from roots to ends. Blow dry or style with other hair appliances to create the desired look without the worry of harmful heat. Avoid contact with eyes.

PRICE: PHP 299.00

It’s in cream form compared to the CPR Monea which is in spray form, but it wouldn’t hurt to give it a try! I think it works amazingly well. The bottle comines in a squirt nozzle, much similar to lotion bottles.

Next up is the FX Curl Booster—Scrunching and Finishing Spray | Instantly tightens limp and lifeless locks and creates lavish curls!

“Go ahead, scrunch it up! Just spray it on and the Curl Booster will instantly tighten your limp and lifeless locks, create lavish curls that bounce and shine all day long!

TO USE: Apply to wet or dry hair holding bottle 10-12 inches from hair. Spray in short even bursts and scrunch hair as desired.

ATTENTION: Flammable. Avoid flame or smoking during use and until hair is completely dry.

PRICE: PHP 299.00

There you have it! Drop by the Mall of Asia to get your own now!

*Blog entry not sponsored, I bought these with my own money.*

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  1. I paid Watson's MOA yesterday and didn't see these lovelies waa. Maybe I'll visit again some other time. Thanks for sharing these wonderful products! ^^,