Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Elf Goodies from My Bestfriend


Hi everyone!

Have you watched this video that I posted a few days ago? It’s a haul video on the things my bestfriend since elementary, Joanne, who now resides in Miami, FL, sent to me a few weeks back! She’s such a sweetheart!

As promised, this is the blog post showing more photos of the products that I showed you in the video! I totally fell in love with them. The best thing about all this is that Jo sent me stuff I can actually use as a makeup artist!

NOTE: As mentioned, these products were bought in Miami, so I don’t really know if they’re available in the Philippines

1. “Makeup Clutch” by ELF—what’s so cool about this palette is that it looks like a clutch (hence the name); inside you will find 32 eyeshadow colors and 3 sponge tip applicators (first tray) and when you slide the second tray open, you will find 2 blush shades, bronzer, face shimmer, eyebrow wax and powder, and 6 shades of lip gloss.


2. Makeup Artist Brush Belt by ELF—I was super happy to find this in the package! I’ve been meaning to get my own brush belt for months! Thank God I haven’t bought one yet! This brush belt can hold a lotta brushes! Thank you soooooo much Jo! This will be such a great help to me during my gigs!


3. L’Oreal Youth Code Sample Pack—this is one of the newest from L’Oreal! Can’t wait to try it out! I hear people buzzing about this already.


So those were the amazing products Joanne sent to me! I am really blessed to have her. We haven’t seen each other in years since she moved to Miami! Nevertheless, the support she shows me is soooooooo amazing. I love you Jo!!! Wait for my package for you!

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  1. your friend is so sweet...elf makeup clutch looks awesome.