Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Meet and Greet


The year is almost over and a lot has changed in my YouTube channel and in my blogs. None of it would’ve happened if it weren’t for my readers and subscribers. I wanted to have the chance to meet most of them so I scheduled a meet-up on December 19, 2011. It was overwhelming to received numerous RSVP’s before the day; however, due to various reasons (i.e. work-related & health-related) some of them did not make it. Nevertheless, I felt really happy to spend time with my sisters, who came to support me, Kristine, the first one to come, Lenlen, who was really adorable, Elaine, who looked so beautiful and was really shy, Gwen, my sister’s friend who came to support as well, Haydee and Paolo, owners of Revlon for Less who dropped by to give some products, and last but not the least, Ana Patricia who I’ve been meaning to meet since the moment I saw her works!

We all met up at Red Mango, Mall of Asia and we enjoyed yogurt while talked about everything under the sun!


It was really amazing to be able to talk to the girls like we’re just normal friends hanging out. Kristine was the most makulit while Lenlen definitely entertained me with her stories! It was cool to hear their thoughts and requests when it comes to videos and stuff like that. Elaine was really cute when she asked me to do a no makeup look wherein she really went in-depth into explaining how the Koreans wear it—which makes me think of filming one before the year ends!


Here is a photo of myself with Haydee and Paolo, the people behind Revlon for Less.


Elaine and Kristine bought earcuffs from my sister!


Finally met Ana Patricia Mendoza! She’s the most adorable thing everrr! She’s only 18 yet is already a freelance makeup artist. Her works are amazing!


After a whole lot of talking and photo-taking, we wrapped up the meet-up. I really feel very happy to have met people who have been supporting me for the past years. We’ll definitely be having more meet-ups in 2012!

Thanks to everyone who came, and for those who did not make it, I’ll see you in the next one!


  1. Oh you had haircut! Thats nice Say! :) You look good~

  2. More power to your blog my dear! Happy Holidays!

  3. sana naka punta ako XD
    ngaun ko lang to nalaman
    sayang :((