Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Loot from Makeup Hub by Naturele Collezione (MeMeMe, ModelsOwn, Beauty UK)


I won’t deny it. One of the best things about being a beauty blogger and a YouTube Makeup Guru is getting stuff from really generous sponsors/companies that I am partnered with. Sarah of Makeup Hub by Naturele Collezione sent me a second loot about a few days ago (entry about the first loot here) and I was ecstatic to receive them! As I’ve mentioned in my past entries, Makeup Hub by Naturele Collezione sells UK branded makeup products (which is awesome!)

Before opening the package, I set up my video camera and filmed as I unpacked everything. I didn’t want to look like a dork and act all excited in the video, however, deep inside, I was all giddy! The video I am talking about is embedded at the end of this post so keep on scrolling down for it! I had to cut out exaggerated clips wherein I was like “Oh wow. Oh my gosh. Wow.”

This is just an overview of the things inside the package. In-depth reviews, swatches, and tutorials will come right after.

1. MeMeMe Shimmer Stack in Bronze


2. MeMeMe Blush Me! in Coral


3. MeMeMe Pusy Cat Cheek and Lip Tint, Beat the Blues Moon Beam and Sun Beam, and Poppy Tint


4. Models Own Nail Polish in Bubble Gum and Coral Reef


5. MeMeMe Light Me Up High Shine Lip Gloss #9 Intense


6. MeMeMe Long Wear Satin Lip Cream in Elektra, Aphrodite, and Chara


7. Beauty UK Lipstick in Naughty #8


8. Models Own Lipstick in Coral Pink


Now how can it not feel like Christmas?

Thank you so much Sarah!!!

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Watch my unpacking video!


  1. Drooling over the MeMeMe lipsticks... O_O

  2. Wow! nice items...have you tried the MeMeMe tints yet? it similar to Benefits Chacha/High Beam etc....because I'm a fan of tints..and kinda interested with the moon, sun and poppy tint..the colors look so lovely..but just not sure if it would also look that pretty when applied..Hope you make a review on the entire set of those tints...^_^~