Thursday, December 22, 2011

Anthony and Elaine: Pre-Nuptial Shoot at Blue Gardens

DSC08567My set-up; the Queen Elizabeth room at Blue Gardens was beautiful!

Last December 18, 2011 I got the chance to work on a beautiful bride-to-be, Elaine E. at Blue Gardens for their pre-nuptial shoot. This post is basically going to be filled with captioned photos rather than a full-length detailed one (which is reserved for my personal blog; coming right after!)

DSC08568Elaine before hair and makeup. She looked totally radiant!

DSC08571All clothes and lighting laid out

DSC08578Elaine looking beautiful in her first shot

DSC08579With photographer Benjie Tiongco

DSC08592Elaine reminds me of Sarah Geronimo!

DSC08616DSC08637DSC08655The happy couple

DSC08677Elaine’s second look: Vintage Chic

DSC08674Elaine’s messy bow-shaped bun by yours truly

DSC08678DSC08679DSC08685Before heading out for the second session

DSC08704Just beautiful

DSC08714Elaine’s half-updo design by yours truly

DSC08724Last session of the day

It was such a delight working with Benjie Tiongco (photographer), Benjie’s assistant, and most importantly, Anthony and Elaine.

Congratulations to the soon-to-be-wed couple!