Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All About Kilay: A Tagalog Brow Tutorial


If you’ve been watching my Youtube videos since the time I started back in 2010, you’d know very well how horrible my brows looked like. Thank goodness for talented gurus like Nic Chapman, I was able to learn my own style in doing the brows.

Lots of Filipinas have been asking me to do a brow tutorial, and so I did!

Products/tools I use:

  1. Etude House Easy Brow Pencil in Dark Brown
  2. Megaga Brow Brush
  3. Marionnaud Concealing Brush
  4. LuLu Makeup Concealer

I basically start on the inner parts of the brows, tracing the shape carefully and filling them in. I leave the most inner portion blank and continue filling in the middle part. Determine how arched you want your brows to be. From the highest point, trace down to the tail of the brow. Keep the edges clean by sweeping concealer with a concealing brush along the edges. Using the brow brush and a flicking up motion, work on the innermost part of the brows. This will make it more subtle and natural looking.


I received a lot of requests on how to shape the brows. I feel you, ladies. I’ve had the same problem before. #1 trick would be LET YOUR BROWS GROW OUT! This will take about 2 weeks or so. You need to leave them alone for awhile especially if you’ve been plucking them too thin. After growing them out, that’s the point wherein we can really shape the brows. It’s like going back to square one. I’ll be doing a video on this soon, don’t worry! Although I might have to use a model for it.

I hope you enjoy this Tagalog Brow tutorial! Merry Christmas you guys!


  1. this was a helpful tutorial,i was struggling on how to groom my brows kasi :)...i just want to know,if whats easier to use on the brows,the pencil or the gel ones???thanks

  2. san nabibili yung etude house brow pencil in dark brown and megaga brow brush

  3. i love this tutorial.. I don't know how to groom my brows.. will try this steps :)