Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Your life in…PictureBooks


I was invited to the media launch of Picture Books last October 20, 2011. The event was held at Top Shelf, Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street in Taguig. This event was centered on the official launching of Picture Books.

What exactly are Picture Books, you may ask.

In the present century, everything is already digital. We can easily take and store photos in our cameras, smart phones, and SLRs. Rarely do we actually buy photo albums to compile photos like the way we used to, or the way our parents and parents’ parents used to. I, personally, don’t remember the last time I worked on a photo album. All my photos are stored in endless stacks of CDs here at home. The uncertainty of my harddisk being virus-free forever makes me anxious. I’ve lost a couple of memories because of that. Come to think of it, if I continued printing and compiling photos in albums, then I would still have those photos.

PictureBooks is here to the rescue. They are here to bring back old tradition with new products, new quality, best value pricing and new everything, really.

Who is behind Picture Books?

“The Sibal family has been in the book printing and publishing business for over 70 years. Some of their textbooks can be found at Phoenix Publishing, while legal & professional books at Central Books. 8 years ago, they opened the country’s first and (still the) largest digital book printing facility.”

Quality of Picture Books

HP Indigo 5500 printer—considered the gold standard for photo book printing around the world. Skin tones are clearer, colors are much more natural compared to the previous generation of printers.

Bookbinding machine from Italy which used the PUR technology—this means, the book is very durable and opens flatter than regular binding. This technology is so new not all book companies around the world use it yet.

How much does a PictureBook cost?

PictureBooks is serious about quality, but they know that quality is only half the equation. They have priced their products for the local market.

Prices start at PHP 495.00, and the best seller is only PHP 1,695.00 for a large photobook.

PictureBooks has also managed to streamline their costs through volume.

How convenient it is to make your book and order from PictureBooks

PictureBooks uses their software, PictureBooks Publisher—works on both MAC and Windows. It can be downloaded for free, or you can ask for a copy at any of their PictureBooks stores.

How does it [software & publisher] work?

You just add your photos, have the software automate the layout of your choice of theme OR layout each page as you like. The software is very flexible and caters to both beginner and advanced users. When done with the book, you simply click on ORDER and directly send the files to the company.

Payment modes

You can pay through your credit card, G-cash, smart money or bank deposit.

***FREE SHIPPING within the Philippines is included in every PictureBook order!***

Waiting time

You get your book within only 7 working days!

What if you don’t have fast connection at home, thus can’t send the files to the company?

PictureBooks has both online and retail presence. You can visit their stores at Alabang Town Center, Glorietta 4, Shangri-la Mall, Megamall, Trinoma, Greenhills, Marquee Mall. Staffs will be there to assist you with whatever you need.

What if I need 1,000 copies ASAP?

PictureBooks can print large quantities easily and affordably. Some schools use the free software to layout their yearbooks—and they get their order in just (10) days!

All bases covered

PictureBooks saves all your files, so should you need/want to have another copy of your picturebook made, you don’t have to do the steps all over again.

VISIT www.picturebooks.com.ph for more information!

Celebrity and singer Kyla was present at the event. PictureBooks gave her a picturebook of her and her soon-to-be-husband. The two are scheduled to be married this month!


Kyla looked really radiant and glowing.


Here are samples of the PictureBooks products that were available during the event. The quality is really awesome. They are actually perfect for portfolios and the likes.


Here I am and Achi Char with Miss Gwen Carino. Thanks for the invite, Miss Gwen!


We all went home with a bulky press kit from PictureBooks, let me show you what’s inside! Everything is contained in this book-shaped box (hollow inside).


Upon opening you will see…


1. An executive diary/planner for 2012


2. PictureBooks pamphlets


3. A gift certificate for 1 Standard Medium 8x6 Hardbound PictureBook (30 pages)


And the rest are more papers all about PictureBooks.


I am excited to use the gift certificate—I just need to think which photos to put in.

I see myself using PictureBooks services when I get married,  have kids, and grow old. (Although I am still about 5-10 years away from the first one mentioned!)

If you want to learn more about PictureBooks, visit their website (see: photo below)



  1. I love Kyla's makeup. It's such a sweet no-makeup makeup look. Hope you can do a tutorial on her look.

    She has a very small face pala.

  2. It's a nice product idea! Anyways... HOW LUCKY!!! I'm like a super fan of KYLA! I want to meet her too! You and Char look great, by the way! ^_^

  3. No offense to Kyla, I like her pero mas muka kang artista beside her. :p