Friday, November 25, 2011

Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush Review and Demo


After about 2-3 weeks of using the F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush from Sigma, I am finally presenting a formal review and a little demonstration on the functions of this brush.

This is the first Sigma brush that I have ever used and I can most definitely say that the quality of this brush is amazing. The handle is very sturdy, let alone the metallic ferrule. The handle, unlike other brushes, feels a bit heavier—which is a good indication that it is made from quality material. The bristles feel incredibly soft and are very dense—making it a good applicator for various kinds of makeup products. It is also made of synthetic bristles which is perfect to apply cream-based products.


A closer look on how dense the bristles of the brush are:


The Sigma logo and brush name are neatly embedded on the brush handle.



You all know how profusely I raved about Marionnaud’s N32 Blush Brush, right? It is honestly the first multi-functional brush that I ever used! But when I received the Sigma F80—everything changed!

I’m afraid Marionnaud N32 is now #2. It has been replaced by the F80! Other people might say “You’re just saying that because Sigma is more expensive and you just wanna show off…” Well, say anything you want to say, while I go through the points on why the F80 replaced my #1 favorite brush:

  1. It is incredibly dense, making it a great applicator for a lot of makeup products
  2. It applies cream/liquid/mineral/gel foundation extremely well. You will not see any streaks after application
  3. The bristles are not scratchy—they are very soft, allowing ease of buffing
  4. It makes application of setting powder very well since it pushes the powder onto the face; “setting” everything in
  5. It’s a great tool for applying baked/powder/cream blushes—it’s super easy to buff away using the F80!
  6. It does a great job on contouring as well—especially on the bridge of the nose, the jawline, and most especially the cheekbones!

I think F80’s flat top makes it multi-functional.

If you’re not convinced you can go ahead and watch my video review and demo of this amazing brush!

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  1. I have seen hautebrilliance use that as a stiffling brush, I think. So it can also be used to apply foundation.

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