Monday, November 28, 2011

Selena Gomez Hit the Lights Inspired Makeup Look

A granted requested makeup look from a couple of people from Facebook and Twitter! This is a Selena Gomez Inspired Makeup Look from her music video Hit the Lights. I actually had to really study how her makeup was done since I barely saw the actual colors she had on. I watched Dulce Candy’s and Masquerade Makeup’s makeup tutorials and kind of pulled techniques from theirs. What I understood was Selena wore silver lids and a hot pink/electric pink lip color. I hope you enjoy this tutorial—if you don’t think this looks like what Selena wore, might as well disregard the title! I actually wore this look to school albeit I did shorten the liner wing a bit for a less dramatic look.

Start of with your concealing, foundation, and brow routine (watch mine here)

  1. Apply a shimmering white/silver eyeshadow on the inner thirds of the lids, you want this color to stand out *I used Sleek Makeup’s INNOCENCE Eyeshadow from the Bad Girl Palette*
  2. Take a brown/mauve eyeshadow and darken your crease area with this color *I used my Nichido Stardust Trio Palette in Totally Neutral*
  3. Highlight the brow bone *Use any matte white/beige/light pink eyeshadow—I used the light pink shade from the Nichido Stardust Trio Palette in Totally Neutral*
  4. Line your lashline *I used my new Fanny Serrano Long Last Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner PHP 195.00, Watsons*
  5. Take a black pencil and start lining your lower lashline, upper waterline and lower waterline *Elf Black Pencil*
  6. Using the black pencil, draw a dramatic wing, extend it outward from the lower lashline, and connect it back to the upper lashline you created in #4
  7. Set the liner with a black eyeshadow *I used my MAC “Beauty Marked” eyeshadow*
  8. Take a fluffy brush and buff out the liner color, create a smoky effect
  9. Curl lashes and apply mascara
  10. Apply wispy lashes *I used my KKCenterHK A166 Lashes and Aido Lash Glue*
  11. Highlight high points of the cheeks *I used my Benefit High Beam* Apply 3 dots and dab lightly.
  12. Contour accordingly. *I used my Fanny Serrano 2-Way Cake Powder in Rajah and my Marionnaud N32 Blush Brush*
  13. Apply an electric pink lip color *I used Ever Bilena’s Off Beat Pink—but a better color would be Beauty UK’s lipstick in Passion #10*
  14. Apply a gloss over the lipstick (I actually applied gloss since I used a matte lipstick) *ELF lipgloss in Strawberry*
  15. Apply blush *I used my current favorite Beauty UK Baked Blush in Royal Rose*

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Here are more photos from the tutorial:


And here’s the 5-minute video tutorial:

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