Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Review: Aigoo Shoppe Angel Gray Lenses (14mm)

Valerie of https://www.facebook.com/aigooshoppeonline sent me another pair of lenses to review. This time, they are the Angel Gray Lenses (14mm) When I first saw them, they looked mighty similar with the lenses I received from Red Jhelli Shop. Turns out, they are the same. The only difference is the diameter. These lenses are 14mm while the latter are 15mm [in diameter].DSC07528

Moving on to the review…

First thing that caught my eye is this adorable lens case! Come on, how cute, right?! I’m used to using the regular blah cases from my eye doctor. But heeey look at this cute thing!


The bigger container contains the lens case and a pair of len tongs (which I don’t really use because I’m used to using my fingers to scoop the lens out of the container; nevertheless, they would be helpful for, example, you have acrylic nails on and the likes!)


This is how the lenses look like. I had to enable the flash to be able to see the real color. The lenses are, by the way, facing outward. So the surface you are seeing right now is actually the surface that touches the eyeball.


I used these lenses in my most recent tutorial, the Cheryl Cole Inspired Look. You can watch the video here. And just for the sake of showing you guys how they look like when wore, here is a photo:


In terms of comfort, I give this 10 stars for I don’t feel any discomfort nor irritation. I actually wore these lenses for over 9 hours (from filming a makeup tutorial to going to a makeup gig) I think 14mm lenses are the best ones to wear without looking like you have abnormally big eyes.

For Aigoo Shoppe’s BER Month Sale, non-graded lenses for only PHP 350.00! (Except for Mimi and Animation lenses). You can avail free shipping locally if you purchase at least 4 pairs of lenses. If you want to get the cute pig lens case, you only have to add PHP 70.00 to your total purchase.

What are you waiting for?

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  1. Thank you Say! :D Glad you were satisfied with the lenses ^^