Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How-to: Long Lasting Curls


One of the reasons why I’m still holding up a little longer on getting a haircut is because I absolutely love sporting long, wavy curls! There’s just something very va-va-voom and very feminine about it. Anyhoo, I made a better tutorial on how I curl my hair. My first hair curling tutorial was honestly not that good. So I hope this one compensates for it!

Oh yeah, and before anything else:

1. I did not rebond my hair

2. My hair color is Etude House’s Bubble Hair Coloring in Natural Brown

Now let’s move to the super simple hair tutorial on how to get long-lasting curls:

1. Air-dry/blow-dry your hair

2. Apply heat protectant spray (CPR by Monea, available at Watsons *albeit, most of the time out of stock*) –application not shown in the video–

3. Section off your hair. Left, right, top and bottom

4. Work on the bottom layer first, secure the upper section with a hair elastic/clamp

5. Curl as you would. I used my BabyLiss Sol-Gel Titanium Iron 25MM Barrel *available at SM City Manila Department Store BabyLiss Counter for 2,000+ (regular price) 1,000+(discounted price) A reader actually told me they’re on sale again, so go check it out!

6. After curling, gather up the coil of hair and pin it together, securing the first pin with another pin, creating a closed X-pattern (shown in the video)

7. After curling all the sections, spray on strong-hold hairspray—this is how they’re going to look like:


8. Wait for 15 minutes

9. Release the curls

10. Run fingers through for a softer finish!


I hope you enjoyed!

Watch the tutorial here:

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  1. You have such beautiful hair! I would love to try this on my hair, too!