Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Makeup Books


Since I joined YouTube & pursued working on my own beauty blog last 2010, I’ve relied on nothing but the internet, beauty sites, and other blogs for information. There is without a doubt, a heck lot of things to learn about makeup. And since I still have 3 semesters left of college, I can’t enroll in makeup school just yet. Just for everyone’s information, I am taking up Marketing in UST College of Commerce. We all know educations comes first. But passion is definitely next to it.

For the past weeks I’ve been going to the bookstore a lot and just browsing through. I’ve purchased 2 makeup books in a span of 2-3 weeks. Crazy, for some; but not entirely, for me. I believe these books will help me get through—be able to answer questions and absorb all the knowledge I could get from them.

I admit I do not know that much about makeup but God knows how much I’m trying. I work on my skills everyday of my life. We can’t suck all our time, you know. Everyone improves. Everyone has the chance to improve.


So, the fruits of my labor—I believe I’ve invested well on these books. Now I can spend time studying them. I know I’ll learn. Let these be stepping stones to makeup school.


I encourage everyone to buy books according to their passions. We gotta work if we wanna get more paper—we all know that. No easy way up!

Enjoy this vlog about my makeup books:

Where I got the books:

BLOGGED: My Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

BLOGGED: My PRO Makeup Artist Book by Kit Spencer


  1. Enjoy the rest of your college life, Pretty Say! I'm definitely missing mine like crazy! Anyways, I've been wanting to get my hands on beauty books since you hauled this in your video! I should have bought it when I was there...! Gahhh!

    Keep rocking! <3

  2. Great books! I personally think that make-up is something one should learn and I think buying a book about it never hurts ;) you're so pretty!

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  3. I also read the Bobbi Brown makeup manual, I find it too basic.

    I love Makeup Makeovers by Robert Jones, you should check it out.

  4. awesome!!!! i would love to have it!! :)