Friday, November 25, 2011

Meeting Krysha (MissKPM67 on YouTube)


I finally met Krysha (MissKMP67 on YouTube) last November 12, 2011 at Greenbelt! Krysha is one of the living proofs that you can meet total strangers on YouTube that would end up becoming almost like a sister! I’ve known Krysha for about a year now, I believe. I used to only watch her videos and now I finally met her in the flesh! What I love about Krysha’s videos is how entertaining they are—especially her haul videos! She sings great, too! She’s a multi-talented person who I am really blessed to have met. Besides all that online stuff, Krysha is a great person to talk to—I share my problems to her and it’s very comforting that she feels me, despite the distance! What’s also great is that she’s Filipina!

When I first saw Krysha as I was ascending the escalator, I was like oh my gosh she’s super pretty!!! She was with her adorable momma who looked all chic! Krysha and I actually wore the same print! We didn’t talk about it, it was just mere coincidence! Haha!  I love the color of her hair! I just loved everything about her! I actually thought she’d be speaking in English like she always would [in her videos] but she spoke straight Tagalog all throughout! It was soooo fun to hear her speak Tagalog. Not at all slang.


Instead of dinner, we had dessert @ Café Breton at Greenbelt. I’ve actually never tried out their food but I was blown away by their La Pinay Crepe! It was actually suggested by both Krysha and her adorable momma. We all had the same crepe!


The lighting at Café Breton was actually all yellow-y so we didn’t really get much photos taken! We even planned on vlogging but the lighting was horrible. Albeit, we were able to film a short clip somewhere inside the mall which I have yet to upload on my channel!



Here’s the La Pinay Crepe. Perfection. Krysha even asked me, “Won’t this ruin your diet?” Hahahaha!


I ordered a Chocolate Milk Shake—which I feel really guilty not finishing. It was heavenly thick and creaaaamy.


Thank you so much Krysha & Mrs. Mallari for treating me! I really enjoyed everything. I loved talking to them like I’ve actually known them my whole life! You will really feel comfortable with kababayans.

Our meeting only lasted about 2-3 hours (even less) but I truly cherish all those moments. I’m not gonna see Krysha for another year or even more, but I am super thankful to have finally met her this 2011.

Krysha, you know how much I love you! Thank you so much for the wonderful time! And for the huge-ass bottles of lotion!!! Tell Tita I said thanks and perhaps show her this blog post! You will forever be my favorite Hauler on YouTube! I can’t wait for your new videos now you’re back home safely. I am going to see you again when you get back in a few years!

P.S. I wanted to post this in my personal blog, but I’m posting this in my beauty blog instead since I want to show everyone how beautiful and amazing the people I’ve met in YouTube are.


There you have it, the beautiful Krysha from! Check out her blog as well! Hers is one of my most favorite blogs ever.! Enjoy reading and show her some loooooove.

Love, Say


  1. awwww the cheeta prints!!! that's the first one I noticed before skimming through on the text. hahaha! soooo cutteeeeee!!! Glad you guys enjoyed!!! x

  2. aww I finally got a chance to read this. Say! You are amazing! I truly am blessed to have you as a friend. I wish we could have spent more time together. Next time i hope me, you, and Phey will be all together! haha! Love ya! and always stay gorgeous. <3

  3. Say, i can honestly tell you that it won't be difficult for you to find "sisters" over the net because you're such a sweet girl. Di maarte or mapili... and you know how to deal properly with people.

    I'm happy that you were able to chat with Krysha and even gobbled on some delish sweets! :) Teka, teka, akala ko sakin ang peyborit blog mo??!! Mwahahahaha! I'll go check out her page :D

  4. cool.. you are both wearing leopard themed clothes. =D