Sunday, November 6, 2011

Meet & Greet at the Super Sale Bazaar + Dinner with Readers

November 5th finally came & I had the best time with Sarah, Richard, & Kathy of Makeup Hub by Naturele Collezione, my friends, and my dear readers who came to say hi. _DSC2574Upon arriving at the World Trade Center, I saw this long queue outside! I told myself, there is no way I’m falling in line—so I headed straight to the VIP entrance. The security guard was really funny because he let me in when he saw me. I waited for Sarah’s brother since I couldn’t go in without a ticket. After about 10 minutes, Sarah’s brother showed up and it turned out, I was in the wrong venue! The Super Sale Bazaar was outside pala.

There wasn’t any dull moment during my 2-3 hour stay in the booth. My photographer also found great company with Richard and Kathy—Sarah’s siblings. They were all so friendly!

This is Sarah Fulleros. She is without a doubt one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I actually feel very blessed to work with them!


Here are some photos I took as I went around the booth:


This is Richard, Sarah’s brother—thanks for fetching me at the entrance Richard!


This is Kathy! Sarah and Richard’s sister—she was sooo fun to chat with.


I was able to squeeze in filming clips for my Day in The Life of Say vlog while waiting for my readers. You can watch the video at embedded at the end of this post! Sarah was so much fun to vlog with. Although she was all shy!

Just a little extra: Joanna Ladrido came to our booth and I asked for a photo op! I love this girl—she’s damn talented.


Here’s what I wore to the event:


Meet my photographer, Christian Lozano:_DSC2594DSC07588

I met some of my lovely readers!

Here’s Jamie:

DSC07589_DSC2578_DSC2579Here’s Shindy:


Here’s Alice & Arrienne:


Here’s Patty (who fortunately caught up with me before I left for MOA, she was with her cousin Julianne—who totally looked like Maria Aragon!):


I am really very happy to be working with Makeup Hub by Naturele Collezione. Thank you so much for giving me this break (and the loot bag), Sarah! You guys are the best.


I decided to extend my stay at the booth till 4PM since my other readers were caught in traffic because of the heavy downpour. We left WTC at around past 4PM and headed to the Mall of Asia.

Instead of coffee, I decided to treat my readers to dinner instead. We headed to Holy Cow and waited for Alice, Arrienne, Katy, and Alyssa. Jamie was already with us the whole time. Katy texted the last minute that she couldn’t make it because of the flood in their area. That was really bummer, but don’t worry Katy! I’ll meet you someday!

DSC07593DSC07595DSC07601DSC07604DSC07606DSC07605Dinner was fine. I wasn’t totally wow-ed by Holy Cow’s atmosphere, nor their food. But it was all good. I had fun chatting with my readers. It’s always nice to meet the people behind the nice comments.

After dinner, we had a little photo session and then finally bid our good byes. It was a good night, ladies. Thank you all for the unwavering support!


Till the next meet & greet, darlings!

Special thanks to:

Photographer--Christian Lozano (watermarked photos)


  1. Looks like a fun day for you! Hopefully I get to meet you too, Pretty Say! ^_^

  2. Hi Say, I love your animal print cover up!
    Been looking for this, where did you score it?
    Amazing outfit by the way!


  3. thanks Say =) richard ( sarah's brother)