Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Inside the Goody Bag from Flawless


In case you missed my blog posts about the wonderful night I spent with fellow bloggers at the Flawless Bloggers’ Night, you may click on either links below:

Blogged on Hair & Makeup by Say Tioco Artillero (Flawless Bloggers’ Night): http://saytiocoartillero.blogspot.com/2011/09/flawless-bloggers-night-borough-podium.html

Blogged on my personal blog (Crazy School, Crazy Traffic, FLAWLESS Bloggers’ Night @ Borough, Podium):http://sayartillero.blogspot.com/2011/09/crazy-school-crazy-traffic-flawless.html

This post is long overdue. Flawless gave out goody bags during dinner and here are the products that they gave us.


1. PHP 2,000 worth of gift certificates for Flawless services


2. Flawless Nano Whiteness


3. Flawless Skin Protect Lotion and Whitening Toner


4. Flawless Skin Protect Cream and White Plus Cream


5. Flawless Skin Whitening Soap


I will follow up with individual reviews for each product.

Thank you Flawless for this goody bag!

Visit: www.flawless.ph

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