Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dolly Eye International Cosmetic Lenses: An Overview


I was contacted by Dolly International a few weeks back and they expressed their interest in letting me review one of their products. As fond as I have become of contact lenses, I gladly accepted. Dolly International mainly offers soft cosmetic contact lenses for sale. They gave me the liberty to choose which among their wide variety of lenses I wanted to try out and review.

Dolly International is located in Hong Kong so it took a few days for the parcel to arrive at the Post Office. I was only expecting to receive a pair of lenses so I was really surprised to see that Dolly International sent me (5) five pairs!


This post is just going to be a brief overview of the packaging, content, and overall design of the lenses. Let us start off with the packaging…

PACKAGING—I think it’s in the nature of majority of the female population to be attracted to the color pink. I found the packaging really adorable!


The lenses were made in Korea.


Here’s how the vials look like.


As you all know, I have –4.00 grade on both my eyes. Dolly International was very thoughtful to send me graded ones that I can review.


Now let us go through the colors that Dolly International sent me…

COLORS—They sent me (5) pairs of cosmetic contact lenses in these colors:

1. Hazel


2. Grey (first kind)


3. Violet


4. Grey (second kind)


5. Black


Stay tuned for my upcoming post showing you how these lenses look like when worn.

Thank you so much Dolly International for sending these over!

If you want more information about Dolly Eye International, go to:

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  1. wow! so many lenses! and whoa! you're eye grade is so high!! worse than mine! Can't wait to see you wearing them! :)