Monday, October 24, 2011

Photoshoot at Rouge Studio with Mark Bradford

DSC07356October 22, 2011—Had a photoshoot at Rouge Studio with my sisters and my sister friends. The photographer was my sister’s friend’s brother, Mark Bradford.

Despite the limited space at Rouge Studio, I loved my work station. It was a misfortune for me to have left all my makeup brushes at home, and I had to use what was available—that time, Q-tips! More commonly known as cotton buds.

I gave my sister, Iza, a classic smoky eye look and soft pink lips. The Q-tips made it easier to smudge all the color out. I used MAC’s Beauty Marked E/S and a couple of black eyeliner to achieve the look. I used NYX Tea Rose for her lip color.DSC07312DSC07315DSC07320

Here are some of the awesome shots of Mark Bradford:

293985_2144324729179_1278086603_31980784_249202210_n296015_2144326329219_1278086603_31980787_778067530_n312291_2144321609101_1278086603_31980777_1451702308_n312586_2144325649202_1278086603_31980786_1280930514_n312730_2144326649227_1278086603_31980788_882904870_n316022_2144324289168_1278086603_31980783_1874304441_n316337_2144323529149_1278086603_31980781_1947926045_n319146_2144323809156_1278086603_31980782_1557873862_nI also worked on my sister Lady. I gave her eyes a pop of color by lining the inner rims with a bright purple liner. I kept everything else neat and simple.321687_2144993625901_1278086603_31981030_1529199936_nDSC07376DSC07375

Official photos—credits to Mark Bradford

Photographer: Mark Bradford

Hair and Makeup: Say Tioco Artillero



  1. Girl scout, right? ;P I loved the photos, Say! I'd love to see a closer look of that necklace, too! or is that part of your top? soooo cute! x

  2. You're sister is quite pretty! And wow! You two are like towers! hehe. Keep rockin'! ^_^

  3. you and sister are so beautiful! I like that you utilized q-tips for a smokey eye, I actually do that when I'm running late :)) great post dear! I really love reading your blog! :) More power!


  4. Hi Rae! Thank you! :)

    Hi Phey! It's a feather necklace :D <3 I'll get you one when you come here!

    Hi Bee! Yes she is! :D Haha thank you so much! :D

    Hi Alice! Thank you so much for the kind words! I hope to see you soon!