Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jessie J–Nobody’s Perfect Makeup Tutorial

HPIM3450 (2)To fully appreciate this look, please watch this video first (fast-forward to 2:51). The link will lead you to Jessie J’s official music video for her song “Nobody’s Perfect”.

I could not find a high-quality shot of this particular look from the video in the internet, so I took the liberty to just take a screen-cap. Jessie J’s “Nobody’s Perfect” music video contained a lot of great, artistic looks and this was the one which really caught my attention.

There is no doubt that Jessie J is such a talented person. I’ve loved her ever since Price Tag! This tutorial is not the exact copy of what Jessie wore in the video, but I honestly studied her look countless of times and even took down notes before doing this tutorial. I hope you enjoy, and maybe you could also consider dressing up as Jessie for Halloween!jes

HPIM3442 (2)

  1. I started off with concealing blemishes and dark circles using my LuLu Makeup Concealer in Light.
  2. I loaded my Marionnaud N32 Blush Brush with my James Cooper Cream Foundation 04 and blended [the concealer & foundation itself] everything on my face.
  3. I set my concealer+foundation with my Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Shine Free Cake Foundation (re-fill pan) in Honey.
  4. Jessie J had black brows in the look, so I took my Nichido GNO liner in Blackest Black and lightly, with feathery strokes, filled in my brows.
  5. Taking my Megaga Brow Brush, I blended the color into the brows to make them look more natural.
  6. I mixed a gold and a silver eyeshadow shade and used this color combination to contour the uppermost sides of the nosebridge, sweeping inward to the inner thirds of the lids and the corners of the eyes. Do both sides.
  7. I took a gray eyeshadow shade and applied this all over my lids; towards the end, I creates a tail, sweep outward for a soft finish. *You might need to protect your cheeks from fallouts
  8. From the end of the tail of the cateye, line down to the inner corners of the lower lashline.
  9. I took a gunmetal green eyeshadow and lined the lower lashline up to the end of the cateye tail.
  10. Next, I used an angled brush and loaded it up with black eyeshadow. I drew a claw-like shape on my lids. (Watch the video for the demo)
  11. The second claw should fade out to the tail of the cateye.
  12. Fill in the claw after lining.
  13. I lined my eyes using my Fanny Serrano Gel Liner and Marionnaud N38 Brush
  14. Taking my Elf Black Pencil, I tightlined my upper lashline and lined my inner rims.
  15. Curled my lashes and applied mascara+faux lashes
  16. Glue on paper lashes on your lower lashline *I did mine by cutting a black piece of paper—I got the right one good, but the left looked pretty messed up. I glued them on using eyelash adhesive.
  17. Remember to NOT glue the inner flaps *Jessie J didn’t have hers that way
  18. You may opt to apply a gunmetal green-shaded lash shadow on the paper lashes if you want to, but it’s not entirely necessary.
  19. Jessie wore a matte fuchsia-ish lip color, but I used a glossy one since I did not have any matte available to use.
  20. Lastly, tie your hair back and spray hairs down to give you the sleekest-looking ‘do.

Here are photos from the tutorial:HPIM3460 (2)HPIM3461 (2)

HPIM3464 (2)

HPIM3452 (2)

Watch the video here:


  1. this is great for halloween. i must say ^^

  2. anong color ng lenses mo dito? niccccee!!

  3. ang bongga ng peg mo say! i love your tutorials talaga! :)

  4. Shamin, yes I agree with you. :)
    Hi Anonymous! It's Super Angel Gray from Red Jhelli Shop (you can search for my post about it on the search box in the side bar) :)
    Hi Gellie! You remind me of Jenni Epperson with your "bongga ng peg" LOL Thank you so much Gellie! :)