Sunday, October 16, 2011

High Sierra: All American BackPacks (Cosplay Mania ‘11 & Asian Pop Expo 2011)

310691_10150315716476674_103408041673_8442560_602409330_nI had a two-day makeup gig with High Sierra at the SMX Convention Center last October 1-2. The event was Cosplay Mania 2011. My models were dressed up as Sailor Moon-ish characters and I was asked to give them makeup looks which would brighten up their faces. DSC06891-horzDay 1 of Cosplay Mania 2011:DSC06886-horzDSC06895-horzDSC06899-horzDSC06902-horzAfter doing all four girls’ hair and makeup, we went to the High Sierra wall and took photos. It was rewarding to see how beautiful the models looked, posing and all. DSC06910DSC06911Day 2 of the Cosplay Mania ‘11:DSC069541-horzDSC06963Here I am with High Sierra’s Brand Associate, Kathleen Joy Velandres (in white) and High Sierra’s Marketing Associate, Jhoanna Kris Sager. I did Miss Sage’s hair and makeup too!DSC06939DSC06941DSC06942DSC06979I was contacted again by Miss Jhoanna Sager last October 8th since they needed my services again, this time, for the Asian Pop Expo 2011 held at Megamall Megatrade Hall 1 on October 9.

Here are the looks that the girls wore:DSC07032-horzDSC07043DSC07039

To see more photos, click the following links:

Asian Pop Expo 2011–High Sierra

CosPlay Manila 2011 Day 1—High Sierra

CosPlay Manila 2011 Day 2—High Sierra

Special thanks to High Sierra for trusting me with my services!


  1. OMG!! Say, Jhoanna Sager is my friend!! haha.. I just had goosebumps I dont know why..aww. My friend met you already and I havent.. haha. I am so going to tell this to my other friend. (remember the friend I told you that introduced you to me? she is also a YT guru and we are friends with Jhoanna Sager,too) what a small world!! ^_^

  2. Hi Say~ Arrienne here :) I have a yt channel mineeh11. :) Tine and I are friends and she's right, Jhoanna Sager is our friend. And I am also thrilled to see this shared by Tine. ^_^ Hope we could meet sooN~

  3. Hi Kristine! That is so nice! Sage is really wonderful to work with! :) I love how small the world is! LOL! <3

  4. Hi Arriene! <3 Thank you so much!!! <3 I hope to meet you soon!

  5. hi girls, next time we'll have an event with Lindsay I'll contact you so could meet and chat with each other... thanks say for this post... hope your wrist is okay na.. see you in our next event~~
    Godbless-SAGE ^_^

  6. A job well done, Pretty Say!
    You should seriously consider modelling like them! You sooo fit in! ^___^

  7. Sage! Hi! Thank you so much! And yes, my wrist is okay na :D <3

    Hi Bee! You are the SWEETEST!!! <3 Thank you so much!