Sunday, September 25, 2011

YouTube Awards

I am so happy about this! This is the first time I am seeing these so called awards appear on my channel in YouTube. I know it changes constantly, but I am just very happy to share it! I know this may come out as bragging to some people—but heck, being thankful ain’t bragging! Thank you, Lord! Thank you to all my viewers from all parts of the world!

September 24, 2011:

#14 MOST SUBSCRIBED (ALL-TIME) Gurus—Philippines

#5 MOST VIEWED (THIS MONTH) Gurus—Philippines

#7 MOST VIEWED (THIS MONTH) Partners—Philippines

#2 MOST VIEWED (THIS WEEK) Gurus—Philippines

#6 MOST VIEWED (THIS WEEK) Partners—Philippines


  1. Congrats sey! More power to your vlogging. :D


  2. @Myrted Thank you so much!
    @Jannah HI JANNAH! Thank you so much!
    @jenny07_tm Hi Jenny! Thanks! :)
    @Gellie Hi Gellie! Thank you! :)