Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Updated Routine: How I Redefine My Brows


Products I Use:

  1. Ever Bilena Original Eye Pencil in Brown—this comes in a light brown color.
  2. Nichido Eye Pencil in Dark Brown—this comes in a darker shade of brown.
  3. Megaga Eyebrow Brush

Step-by-step Routine:

  1. Fill out the outer portion of your brows using the dark brown eye pencil
  2. Using a light hand, fill in the sparse area on the innermost and middle portion of your brows
  3. Using a brow brush, lightly blend the colors to get the desired shape

NOTE: Using the light brown on the inner brow area and dark brown on the outer part creates a gradient effect for the brows. Making them look more neat and dimensional.

Watch the video tutorial here:


  1. hi Say, what brand of liquid foundation do you use to your clients?

  2. Hi say! are you wearing contacts in this tutorial? I love the color it really suits you ^_^

  3. Hi Anonymous! I use different kinds according to their skin type/tone. I use foundations from James Cooper, Revlon, Maybelline etc.

    Hi Photoescape! Yes, it's the one from Aigoo Shoppe! <3 I did a product review on it, I hope you check it out! You'll see it in the sidebar--->

  4. Thank you for sharing! I love your eyebrows! Hopefully I can achieve the same look! :)

  5. Thank you Bee! <3 You most definitely can!