Monday, September 5, 2011

Meet & Greet with Say: Korean Lunch with Raisa and Mhakkie

DSC06257I held a Korean Lunch Giveaway on my fan page a few weeks ago, since I was feeling generous and I wanted to meet Korean food-crazed people like myself. It’s totally not beauty related, but I received participation from my readers! I used Random.ORG to select the winner, and it was Raisa Padilla! Prior to this contest, I promised Mhakkie that she’d be tagging along with us during lunch. Mhakkie is my Twitter friend whom I’ve been interacting with ever since I started raving about Korean food (Ramyun, in particular). She was quite a Korean food enthusiast as well, and I wanted to meet her!

After being postponed once due to hectic schedules, the lunch finally pushed through last Saturday. We had lunch at Hanayo! It was definitely fun to meet them in person, finally. Our conversation basically revolved about Korean food, boys, Vice Ganda, comedy bars and all that good stuff. Would you believe we didn’t talk much about makeup? I didn’t feel awkwardness of any sort. It was just like having lunch with friends. DSC06259DSC06261Here’s what we ordered: I had Rameon with Dumplings (like the usual), Raisa had a serving of Hanayo’s Omu Rice, and Mhakkie had Kimbap.DSC06265DSC06269DSC06270My girls enjoying their lunch!DSC06271DSC06272DSC06273We wrapped up the meeting with a photo taken by the kind waiter. It was definitely a great meeting with my readers. Thank you so much Raisa and Mhakkie!

Looking forward to meeting you guys again in the future! DSC06274P.S. Mhakkie gave me a paperbag full of ShinRamyun’s and Seaweed packs! Thank you so much Mhakkie!


  1. Thanks again Say! so happy to meet you in person :) God Bless!

  2. Too bad I don't have a facebook account so I can't join your facebook fan page contests. I hope I'll also get to meet you one day. You're such a fitness inspiration to me. :D

    More power to your blog!

  3. Sa uulitin~ Comedy bar lezgo! Heehee!!

    Thanks for everything Say n_n Oh, I also gave you Neo Gu Ri Ramyun,, the one that I told you to try before? Hehe :) Enjoy~

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  5. how sweet! ...and food looks yummy :)

  6. @iamraisa Yey! Thank you so much for coming! :)

    @Trina Don't worry Trina! We'll meet soon! :) Thank you so much!

    @mhakhernandez Oh yeaaaaaah with the fat noodles (kinda)! SUPER YUM. Thanks for coming dear!!! I enjoyed talaga. :)

    @bee. Yes!!! Yummy Korean Food!!!

  7. haha. I get hungry when I see those pictures >.<

  8. Hi Bee! Hahaha always read when you're full :D

  9. I know right???! HAHA.

    I love how you're friendly, by the way <3

    TEHEE ^_^