Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hair Tutorial: How I Curl My Hair (Loose Waves)


What I Use:

  1. Three Row Comb (Denman, Beauty Bar, PHP 195.00)
  2. Bench Fix Professional Agent Bond Styling Gum (Watsons, PHP 95.00)
  3. Babyliss iPRO2011 SolGel Titanium Iron 25mm (Dept. Store, PHP 2,725.00)

Follow these steps and discover how I achieve loose waves for my hair:

  1. Air-dry the hair *I usually do my makeup while waiting for my hair to dry*
  2. Using a three-row comb, free your hair from any tangles *You can also use any comb available; wide-teeth combs and paddle brushes are recommended*
  3. Part your hair into two sections. *Spray heat protectant (CPR by Monea PHP 109.00)*
  4. Separate the first section into a top and bottom layer.
  5. Work on the bottom layer first; set the top layer behind you.
  6. Work on the innermost section of the bottom layer first.
  7. Curl  your hair in a temperature setting suitable for your hair texture. *I used 200 Degrees Celcius for mine*
  8. Work on the top layer next.
  9. Do the same process (4-8) on the other side of your hair.
  10. Upon reaching the bangs part, I like to curl outward for that chic style.
  11. Spread the Bench Fix Styling Gum on your palm, and scrunch your hair with product.
  12. Style accordingly.

Note: The Bench Fix Agent Bond Styling Gum doesn’t make your hair stiff; rather, it holds your curls in shape, without losing its shine and softness. The loose, wavy curls will last all day long—which is why I choose to use this product over hairsprays!

Read my post about the Bench Fix Professional Agent Bond Styling Gum here—the product that works! http://saytiocoartillero.blogspot.com/2011/09/product-that-works-holds-curls-up-for.html

Watch the tutorial here:


  1. I can't seem to find the Monea CPR Spray in all Watsons near my place. :(

    You are very pretty, as always!

  2. Same with JesRoque, Say :( I really can't!! :((

  3. Yay finally a curling tutorial! ^^, Thanks so much for this. I really love watching your tutorials! ^^,

  4. Hi Jes! Thank you so much! Awww CPR goes out of stock most of the time. I hope may mahanap kayo soon Val and Jes! :)
    Hi Lora! :D Thank you so much! <3

  5. VERY PRETTY! :) What's the shade of your lipstick here? :)

  6. Hi! Very pretty :) Wanna ask what's the shade of your lipstick and the code of your falsies :) Thanks! :D

  7. Hi Cecile! It's CoverGirl's Hot Passion LipPerfection Lipstick :) The lashes, I'm selling them! They're called Charlene. Please check my blog post on that.

  8. Okay thanks! :) Will def check that!