Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hair & Makeup: Maika Idio


My blockmate Maika hosted an event last September 17 and I did her hair and makeup.

Maika basically had virgin brows (never-been-plucked) and it was really fun to reshape and restructure them. I wanted to give her a fresh look with a bold lip color (which was her choice of color) I did the usual concealing using LuLu Makeup’s concealer, foundation using James Cooper Cream Foundation, contouring using Fanny Serrano’s “Rajah” 2-Way Cake, blush using The Body Shop’s Rose Flower Blush and brows using Nichido’s brown eye pencil. As for the eyes, I highlighted the inner corners using MAC’s “Shroom” eyeshadow, and used “Beauty Marked” to get a soft smoky eye feel. I lined her eyes using Fanny Serrano’s Gel Liner and finished off by curling her lashes and applying 2 coats of mascara. I failed to get the shade of the YSL lipstick that Maika had with her, but it’s a shade close to the Palladio Coral Punch Lip Color. As for the hair, I used my BabyLiss iPRO200 25mm Sol-Gel Titanium Iron and made soft curls on Maika’s hair.

That is basically how I achieved this look on Maika Idio.

Stay tuned for more makeover posts!


  1. She's cute! She reminds me of Marj Sia... =)

  2. You did a great job! She's definitely cute, btw :)

  3. I love how you did her brows! good job, Say and I'm very sure she's happy with the result- she looked gorg! x

  4. hey gorgeous! pls feature me in ur makeover makeup dying to have one! hehehe....galing galing lng!

  5. @angelamhiere Hi dear! Yes! Her face shape reminds me of Marj too!
    @bee. Hi Bee! Thank you SO much! <3
    @phey PHEY!!! Thank you so much! <3
    @esleem Hi dear! I'm working on that! Don't worry I'll let you know ASAP!