Thursday, September 29, 2011

Friends with Benefits Mila Kunis Inspired Look

I am sure everyone has seen the movie Friends with Benefits, and I speak for everyone when I say that Mila Kunis looked positively beautiful in that film. Her smoky brown makeup just complemented her big eyes. Everything else was kept neutral and natural. This tutorial is my version of her look. Read on for the products I used and the steps to follow:HPIM3321

  1. Conceal imperfections (LuLu Makeup Concealer in Light + Marionnaud N32 Blush Brush) Use fingers to dab on and spread the product and buff everything on with a brush.
  2. Apply foundation (Revlon PhotoReady Makeup in 006 Medium + Marionnaud N32 Blush Brush)
  3. Set foundation on with powder (Revlon PhotoReady Powder + Marionnaud N32 Blush Brush) Dab the powder on and lightly buff all over the face
  4. Redefine brows (Megaga Brow Brush + Brown Eyeshadow)
  5. Apply a cream colored E/S on the inner thirds of the eyes and the brow bone for highlight
  6. Apply a brown E/S on the crease area and blend through, create that V shape on the outer corners of the eyes
  7. Take a darker shade of brown and concentrate on the crease area, blend well
  8. Line your eyes using a black gel liner (Fanny Serrano Long Wear Gel Liner)
  9. Tightline your eyes (Elf Black Eye Pencil)
  10. Curl lashes and apply mascara on the top and bottom lashes (Elf Lash Curler + Maybelline HyperCurl Mascara)
  11. Put on False Lashes (Jamie Lashes from my lash business + Aido Lash Adhesive)
  12. Line your waterline with black eye pencil (Elf Black Eye Pencil)
  13. Contour your face (Fanny Serrano 2-Way Cake in Rajah)
  14. Apply brown/gold tone blush (The Body Shop Cheek and Face Powder Shade in Chestnut)
  15. Apply lip balm (EOS Lipbalm)
  16. Top off with nude lip gloss (Elf Lip Gloss in Candlelight)

Watch this video for the tutorial on YouTube:

Here are the photos from this tutorial:HPIM3333HPIM3342HPIM3325

Revlon Products from: Revlon For Less

Super Angel Gray Circle Lenses from: Red Jhelli Shop, Cebu City

LuLu Makeup from


  1. hi sayyy! nice look! what do you use to edit your vids?

  2. pretty as always say :)
    I also use ELF candlelight. I just love the scent. hehe :)
    BTW, I'd like to invite you to my "TheStyleQuarter Giveaway [LINK]".
    I hope you can join. :)

  3. i like this! i'll definitely use this for going out on a date :)

  4. It looks so natural for you I like it!! ^_^ Keep it up Say! :)

    Much Love

    -- ALice

  5. Hi, I love Mila Kunis and and you did a great job. BTW, what eye primer are you using? :)

  6. i love mila kunis :) and i love the fact that you made a look inspired by her.

    i love elf's lipgloss in watermelon. i might try candlelight, too.

  7. What brush do you use in lining your eyes with gel liner? Where is it available? It seems perfect to use. Coz the brush with maybelline gel liner's pretty hard to use.

  8. @Paola I use Windows Live Movie Maker :)
    @Kat Hi Kat! Thank you so much! Will check out the giveaway!
    @Hannah Hi Hannah! Thank you so much! Don't forget to take a photo!
    @Alice Hey Alice! Thank you so much!!! <3
    @MicMic Oh I forgot to indicate that one! But I'm using Elf's Eye Primer (the one with the liner sealer on the other end)
    @KaraRita Hi! Thank you so much for appreciating this look! <3 Ohhh I gotta try watermelon! :D
    @Jenny Hi Jenny! Thank you so much!
    @Anonymous I use Marionnaud's N38 Eye Brush. It's available at Watsons and SM Dept. Store. Yes it is perfect for lining the eyes! :D The brush that comes with Maybelline kasi is not angled!

  9. it looks cakey :-(

  10. @Anonymous Well, thank you, still, for reading my blog :D

  11. oh I wanna try that primer, soon.

  12. hi, I love this look and I really love all your makeup tutorial videos. :) keep it up and more power! btw, what's the brand of your eyeshadow primer? thanks!

  13. Hi Asian Lass on Spotlight. It's from E.l.f. :) Thank you for the support! :)