Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sunday Haul 7/24/11: Tony Moly & Aido

Sunday Haul from Tony Moly and Aido

Tony Moly recently opened a branch @ SM City Manila and I paid my first visit last July 24. The store is similar to that of Etude House [which is a sister company of Tony Moly] and I bought two items just for the sake of “trying Tony Moly out”. Also, I had to find a good lash adhesive since my LashGrip has dried up and died, and my teeny tiny Etude House lash glue has ran out already.

Let’s start the haul!DSC02810

1. Tony Moly Silky Glaze Fruit Hairspray (maximum hold) PHP 178.00—this product claims to have a hair setting effect that lasts all day long. The scent of this hairspray is “Refresh Citrus Fragrance” and I was really blown away by it. It’s not too sweet not too fruity. Just right is what explains its scent best. I’m going to do a review on this very soon!DSC02816DSC02814DSC02815

2. Aido Eye Putti PHP 140.00this product is “for creating double lids with ease” and “provides excellent adhesion of eyelashes”. I guess the reason why I never saw this is because I don’t check out Aido at all, and it is marketed as a product that creates double lids—not as eyelash glue. You can clearly see it in the box. You’ll have to read the back portion to be able to know that it can also be used as lash adhesive! I’ll be doing a review on this this weekend.DSC02817DSC02818DSC02819

3. Tony Moly Premium Eyelash PHP 88.00—I know I have more than enough lashes here, but I just couldn’t resist Tony Moly’s lash displays! I ended up buying one pair for 88.00! Pretty silly move, I know. Well, I just really wanted to try it out. By the way, my 3rd batch of Lash Sets is still open for orders! Click this to see the designs!DSC02822

In case you missed the video…

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