Friday, August 12, 2011

Press Event: Johnson’s Newest Ambassadress

A few weeks back, I received an invitation to the Johnson’s & Johnson’s Event. It was held at the Garden Ballroom of Edsa Shangri-la Hotel last July 27, 2011. I was able to bring two of my blogger friends along (Char of and Janica of Luckily, classes were suspended that day because of the inclement weather condition. I still made it to the venue despite the rain, though.

I’m pretty sure that only one brand would ring a bell when you hear the phrase “No more tears!” I have always been a fan of Johnson’s products [particularly those bath milks that they produce] Johnson’s products keep me feeling like a baby despite being 20 years old. Johnson’s produces really fragrant and clean-smelling lotions/bath milks/powders that keep people feeling and smelling fresh all day long!

DSC02648The event was hosted by the stunning Angel Jacob who introduced the newest ambassadress of Johnson’s, Miss Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo. The event revolved around Judy Ann as a mother and her way of taking good care of her babies’ skin. Judy Ann shared how much she loves bath time with her kids; bath time is her favorite bonding time with Lucho and Yohan. She explained how important is it to her, as a mother, protecting her kids from harsh chemicals that can harm their skin. She trusts only one brand of skin products for her children, and that is Johnson’s.

DSC02655Everyone was given the chance to have a photo op with Judy Ann after the event. She was extremely warm and friendly with us! I love how she doesn’t emanate an intimidating aura. She was really down-to-earth and  funny! She definitely deserves to be Johnson’s newest ambassadress.DSC02674DSC02681

Photos after the event:DSC02687Loot bag from Johnson’s. You would think that those white rocks are little soaps, right? Well, think again!DSC02692With Charlene of and Janica of DSC02601With Anne Franco from NuffNang—so happy to meet her again! Our first meeting was during my first advertorial—Myra! DSC02682DSC02698DSC02699

Thank you so much to Miss Gwen Carino for the invite!

Johnson’s products are available in all leading supermarkets & department stores nationwide.

Read about my personal post about the day of this event here.


  1. I admire Judy Ann.

    Anyway, it's pink lippie day for you three :)

  2. what's your height na nga?you're so tall!

  3. Hi Say! I'm a big fan of your blog, but I think you should maybe remove some of your stuff in the side bar? Sometimes your blog looks too messy, and also it loads slower than for example, etc etc whose blog design is pretty clean.

  4. Hi Rae! We didn't talk about it though. Haha! :)

    Hi Amanda! I stand 5 feet 4 inches. :)

    Hi Casey, thanks for your suggestion. But I like my blog to be original. ;)

  5. Yes, they do look like soap, what are they? I hope its available in the market too :)

    I love JnJ Milk bath


  7. I noticed that you and Janica have the same feather earrings (I can't seem to see the other pair on both of you! xD )

    I hope I could go to such events next time Ü

  8. Nice, i didn't expect that :3

  9. Val! It's an earcuff. It's supposed to be worn alone. :D I hope to see you in upcoming events! :D

    Hi Nel! Hahah I know! :)