Monday, August 8, 2011

Amy Winehouse Makeup Tutorial

“They try to make me go to rehab, but I won’t go, go, go…”

This makeup tutorial is my tribute to the late Amy Winehouse. So talented…yet gone too soon.HPIM2707

“Before anything else, let me just say that I wanted to capture the aura and personality of Amy through these photos, hence viewer discretion is advised.”

Products Used & Procedures to Follow:

  1. Moisturize and prep your face *Neutrogena Hydroboost Essence+ Skin Hour Mattifying Day Cream
  2. Conceal dark circles and blemishes *LuLu Makeup Concealer #3 + Dollface Concealer Brush
  3. Apply foundation *James Cooper Compact Cream Foundation CF04 + Marionnaud Blush Brush
  4. Set foundation with powder *Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Shine Free Foundation in Sand Beige
  5. Add shimmer to neck, arms, and chest area *Nichido Loose Powder in Go Bronze
  6. Redefine brows *Maybelline BrowDefinist by EyeStudio + Fanny Serrano #7 Slanted Brush
  7. Highlight inner corners of the eyes and the browbone *Lancome E/S in Optic (you can use any shimmering white eyeshadow)
  8. Apply orange E/S on the outer V *LuLu Makeup Rio Palette
  9. Apply black E/S to darken the crease *LuLu Makeup Rio Palette
  10. Line your eyes ala Amy Winehouse *Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner and Maybelline Liner Brush (exaggerate the line, the tail should be almost meeting with the end of the brow)
  11. Curl your lashes and apply mascara *Elf Mechanical Eyelash Curler + Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara
  12. Apply false lashes *Tony Moly Premium Eyelashes + Aido Eye Putti
  13. Line lower lashline with black E/S *MAC Beauty Marked E/S
  14. Line lower waterline with white eyepencil *Fashion 21 White Eye Pencil
  15. Apply mascara on the lower lashes *Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara
  16. Contour nose bridge *Brown E/S from LuLu Makeup’s Rio Palette
  17. Contour cheeks and jawline *Fanny Serrano 2-Way Cake in Orleans
  18. Intensify chiseled cheeks with a bronze blush *LuLu Makeup’s Rio Palette
  19. Apply blush *LuLu Makeup’s Rio Palette (light coral pink shade—not shown in video)
  20. Apply pink lipstick on the center of the lips *CoverGirl in Parisian Pink
  21. Apply coral lipstick on the outer corners of the lips and blend *Palladio Lipstick in Coral Punch

More photos:HPIM2671HPIM2685HPIM2690HPIM2697HPIM2700HPIM2705HPIM2716HPIM2720HPIM2725

Amy Winehouse’s famous beehive hair style. I did the best I could…HPIM2681

REST IN PEACE, AMY…Amy-Winehouse



  1. I love the poses, esp the winged eyeliner! Ah so talented of you Say. Lucky to have a friend like you where I could get beauty tips. I love the second pic. :)

    Much love,
    nadj <3

  2. Omg I love how you pulled it off. It looks so good on you. I remember her and her huge bee hive.

  3. i love amy winehouse. Sayang talaga sya..
    love the look btw :)

  4. Oh my gosh! You look so gorgeous in the pictures, Say! I give this tutorial/look two thumbs up!! btw, I tagged and mentioned you in a post. but its just a small Tony Moly haul. lol xoxo Kristine from ^_^

  5. Hi Gellie! I'll work on the hair tutorial!

    Hi Nadj! Thank you for the kind words!

    Hi SChaeyoung! Will definitely put up more vids soon!

    Hi Ares! Thank you so much! Glad I did!

    Nicole! Thank youuuu! :)

    Hi Em! I agree sayang. Thank you so much!

    Hi Kristine!!!! Thank you so much! :D I'll read that post!

  6. What's the brand of brushes you used?

  7. I listed them in the post. Please read.