Monday, August 15, 2011

Amazing Gifts from my Readers


From the bottom of my heart, I would like to extend my gratitude to my sweet readers/subscribers/customers for giving me these things…

  • Tisha—(1) Sophie Lipstick & (1) Sophie moisturizing mask *She was the very first one to send me stuff. Thank you Tisha!
  • Genn—I met Genn during the brunch that I had with her and Sannie (my winners for my 20th birthday giveaway) She gave me (2) Sophie lipsticks! Genn is the most genuine person you could ever meet. Check out her blog here:
  • Toni—Toni and I met up because she bought lashes from me. She gave me that green pack right behind the Maybelline lip balm. She actually gave me lots of tiny Toblerone chocolate bars! I blogged about it here. Thank you so much Toni! I hope we can chat longer sometime soon!
  • Kaivi—I met up with Kaivi because she bought lashes from me! It really surprised me when she handed me The Body Shop’s Bronzer in Chestnut. I loooooove it! Thank you so much Kaivi! You are so sweet!
  • Karen Dy—I met up with Karen, another lash customer, and she gave me a loot bag! Including (2) feather earrings and face masks! Thank you so much Karen! *I was only wearing glasses and minimal makeup on when I met Karen! Eeep! She didn’t mind, though. She was reaaaally sweet. Fellow Lan Nang!
  • Hansley Sy—Hansley bought lashes from me as well, and she gave me a loot bag full of goodies! I went gaga over the NYX Tea Rose lipstick, the NYX gloss, the Maybelline lip balm, and the face mask! Thank you so much Hansley! I know how much you were stressed that day! I’m still glad you were able to make it.

Again, thank you so much darlings! And I hope I meet you all again in my upcoming Meet & Greet!


  1. Awwwww~ Na-touch naman ako dun Say. Thanks for mentioning me here. I'm glad too many blessings are on your way. I am still in love with those lippies. Hihihi~ Good luck and hope to see you and Sannie soon! <3

  2. Please do a review of the NYX lipstick! :)

  3. Genn! You deserve it. :D Thank you darling!!! I hope to see you soon too!!!

    Hi Anonymous! Yes I will. :)