Sunday, July 24, 2011

Say’s Favorite Makeup Look (Part One)

HPIM2566This is my first installation for a new series of makeup tutorials for my YouTube channel. I call this series, “Say’s Favorite Makeup Looks”. These are basically the looks that I could wear everyday for the rest of my life. For this first look, I’ve been wearing this to school for about a week straight—that’s how much I fell in love with/got hooked to it.

Follow me with these simple steps:

  1. Moisturize your face (Neutrogena Hydroboost Water Gel)
  2. Apply a mattifying cream and a face primer (Skin Hour Mattifying Day Cream)
  3. Conceal dark circles, broken capillaries and blemishes (LuLu Makeup Concealer-light)
  4. Apply foundation (James Cooper Cream Foundation 04 + Marionnaud Blush Brush)
  5. Apply setting powder (Fanny Serrano 2-Way Cake in Organza)
  6. Redefine your brows (Watch how I define my brows in this video) (Maybelline BrowDefinist by Eyestudio + Fanny Serrano #7 Angled Brush)
  7. Apply white eyeshadow as highlight color to your browbone (LuLu Makeup Rio Palette)
  8. Apply shimmering GOLD eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes, and the inner thirds of your lids and lower lashline, this is my favorite trick in making my eyes look brighter and more awake! (LuLu Makeup’s Manhattan Palette)
  9. Apply a dark mauve eyeshadow on the outer V, use a pointed E/S brush for precision (LuLu Makeup’s Manhattan Palette + Marionnaud’s Pointed Eyeshadow Brush)
  10. Using a shimmery black eyeshadow, darken your crease area, blend very eagerly (MAC Beauty Marked Eyeshadow + Marionnaud’s Pointed Eyeshadow Brush)
  11. Mix the shimmering black with a dark mauve eyeshadow and apply on the outer part of the lower lashline *do not touch the inner thirds with the gold E/S on* (MAC Cranberry and Beauty Marked mixed together + Marionnaud Pointed Eyeshadow Brush)
  12. Dab on the same shimmering gold eyeshadow on the lids. Retouch the color on the inner corners, as well.
  13. Line your eyes. (Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner + Marionnaud Angled Brush w/Spooly)
  14. Apply false lashes (Lashes I’m selling + Etude House Lash Adhesive)
  15. Curl your lashes and apply mascara (Elf Mechanical Lash Curler + Maybelline Stiletto Mascara)
  16. Apply lip balm (EOS Summer Fruit lip balm, order here)
  17. Apply your favorite lip color (James Cooper Kiss Proof Lip Gloss from the Jazzy Collection, read my blog review in here, and watch my video review on this product here!)
  18. Apply soft pink blush and dab on a golden tan blush over it (LuLu Makeup Rio Palette)
  19. Buff powder all over your face to finish (Fanny Serrano’s 2-Way Cake in Organza)

So now you have discovered one of my favorite makeup looks! There is more to come… HPIM2563

Watch my tutorial on this look here:

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  1. Which one do you prefer? the dollface concealer or the lulu concealer? I've read your blog, and i read you love it both, i just wanna know which one is better? Btw, I SO LOVE YOUR BLOG! Been reading your blog the whole afternoon, what a bum :))

  2. Hi Maxene! I already answered this in my fan page :) Hehehe! Thank you so much darling!!! :)

  3. So pretty! ♥ Curious about your lippy. Will check out the review now! :D

  4. Hey Say! I made something for you. Check out my page~

  5. Thank you so much Genn!!! You are the sweetest! <3

  6. simple and refreshing look- love it! <3

  7. This is so gorgeous. I love how the eye make up looks so simple and paired with a really bright hot pink lip color. Not to mention your hair completes your gorgeous look! I really wanna try the James Cooper Foundation based on your review but I have just bought FS two Way foundation! I might try it next time! Thanks for sharing these products!

  8. Hi say, ask ko lang about the skin hour mattifyng cream. Effctive ba? Ilan hours naglalast? Thanks

  9. your lips looks so nice and sexy!!! i love the color!! :)

  10. you look sooo pretty!! I loveeee ur hair omg, what do you tell the hair dresser when u get a hair cut? I would love to know =D... btw u resemble Michelle serious lol.. I think its because of ur lips and the way you smile ^^

    oh btw.. following u =]


  11. @Phey Thank you so much darling! You are the sweetest!
    @Morbinfrank Thank you so much for the kind words! :) Oh yey, how are you enjoying the FS Powder so far? :) The James Cooper Foundation is really promising. :) Thank you again!!!
    @Karen Hi Karen! It can make your makeup last all day long. (speaking from experience) :)
    @Psychedelicme Hi!!! Awww thank you! You are so nice. I was told my lips look deformed before. But reading your comment makes me feel so much better :D
    @ThisIsAlx Hi Alx!! Thank you soooo much! I don't really have haircuts. Puro trim lang! :D Awww that's such a compliment. :D Thank you so much! I'll def follow your blog dear :D

  12. beautiful.....eye bags! :)

  13. Hello Anonymous, thank you! :) I mean that in the most sincere way.