Friday, July 29, 2011

Overview: LipIce & SunPlay Products

Jem C. Ong, the brand associate of LipIce and SunPlay contacted me a few weeks ago and expressed their wish to introduce the products to me. I gladly accepted since I’ve been wanting to try these products ever since I saw them displayed @ Watsons. I want to give my readers a brief overview about these products, especially to those who are skeptical, or those who have yet to try them out (just like me!)DSC02508Let us start of with the lips!

“Our lips are comprised of the thinnest layers of skin in our body. Because of this lack of skin, they are much more prone to drying out, along with other various problems such as burning from the sun and wind.”

Lip Skin does not have:

  • oil secretion to keep them moisturized
  • protection layer to protect them from the harsh environment
  • enough pigments to protect against sunlight

Exposure to the sun, wind and cold air can cause extremely dry and sometimes chapped lips.

Our Habits: Lip-licking actually dries out your lips! The moisture is temporary and can leave your lips bare.

The Solution… LIP ICE LIP BALM!DSC02512“LipIce is the newest lip care brand that sets the trend with its fun and innovative products. LipIce offers a wide range of lip care products to pamper your lips. From flavorful fruity lip balms to dazzling glosses. LipIce has a product for all age groups, every occasion, and lifestyle. Love your Lips!”

Introducing… LIPICE FRUITY!

  • for everyday sun protected and yummy flavored lips
  • fruity flavored lip balms in 5 yummy variants—lemon, apple, strawberry, grape, black currant, and mandarin orange.
  • has SPF15 sunscreen protection
  • it has a cooling sensation
  • PHP 89.00
  • exclusively available at Watsons


And now for the next product…LIP ICE SHEER COLOR!

  • instantly goes from clear to sheer pink
  • transforms into a pink tint that’s personalized and uniquely you
  • contains beeswax for extra moisturizing
  • enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera for smooth and healthy lips
  • comes in fragrance-free and strawberry variants
  • PHP 145.00
  • exclusively available at Watson’s


*Also available (not in photo):

  1. Color Lip Balm (3 shades to choose from) PHP 125.00
  2. Color Gloss (3 shades to choose from) PHP 125.00
  3. Cool Aqua for Men PHP 99.00
  4. Therapy Lip Balm PHP 99.00
  5. Therapy Gel PHP 108

Now let’s move on to the SKIN!

Sun Facts:

  • the sun emits UVA rays which causes skin aging and darkening
  • 80% of the sun’s harmful UV rays penetrate the earth’s atmosphere even on cloudy days
  • UV rays are strongest in places located near the equator, such as our country, the Philippines
  • UV rays travel only a short distance thru the atmosphere to reach these places
  • The ozone layer, a barrier that absorbs UV rays are also thinner near the equator


“SunPlay offers ultimate sun protection with its high SPF and PA yet retains its light and non-greasy texture.”

1. SUNPLAY POWDERY WHITE—triple action sunblock for daily use

  • Whitens: Vitamin C lightens skin, decreases melanin development—the pigment responsible for skin color. Silk powder reduces dark spots.
  • Repairs: Witch Hazel Extract has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, repairing skin and reducing blemishes.
  • Protects:
  • Vitamin C & E neutralizes free radicals that protect against premature skin aging.
  • SPF 47 effectively shields against UVB rays. Provides 47 times protection against sunburn as compared to skin without sunblock.
  • PA+++ gives highest protection against UVA rays. Provides more than 8 times protection against skin darkening.
  • Revolutionary Watery Liquid Formulation gives SunPlay a weightless and non-greasy feel.
  • PHP 349.00
  • exclusively available @ Watsons’s


2. SUNPLAY CLEAR WATER—moisturizing sunblock for daily use

  • Aloe vera extract keeps skin soft and supple.
  • SPF 50 effectively shields against UVB rays. Provides 50 times protection against sunburn as compared to skin without sunblock
  • PA+++ gives highest protection against UVA rays. Provides more than 8 times protection against skin darkening.
  • Revolutionary Clear Watery Liquid Formulation provides transparent protection that’s weightless and non-greasy
  • PHP 349.00
  • exclusively available at Watson’s

DSC02498Let me tell you something about the Revolutionary Watery Liquid Formulation:

  1. Combines UV reflectant an UV absorbent ingredients to effectively screen against both UVA and UVB rays
  2. Revolutionary technology provides superior broad spectrum protection yet gives SunPlay its lightweight, non greasy texture

SunPlay Product Offering:

  • Super Block (maximum, PHP349.00)
  • Watery Cool (cooling, PHP 349.00)
  • Powdery White (whitening, PHP 349.00)
  • Clear Water (moisturizing, PHP 349.00)

**Special thanks to Miss Jem C. Ong for sending these products over! Reviews for each product will be posted in the coming days… Stay tuned!**


  1. Lipice looks cute.! :) will try one soon.! Thank you for this post.! :)


  2. Hi Alexis! I agree! Hope you enjoy LipIce!

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  5. Hi Kristine! I have yet to review these! :D But thank you so much!!!! :)

    Hi Anonymous. FYI I was not paid. And if you don't like reading my blog, you can read other blogs. :)