Monday, July 11, 2011

iWhite Bloggers’ Event @ Papa John’s Pizza

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I received an email from the iWhite Team about 2 weeks ago inviting me to attend the Bloggers’ Event at Papa John’s Pizza. Initially, I was going to decline since my classes start at 3:00 and ends at 7:00PM. Come Thursday, I realized I could juggle time and rush back to school for my 5:00PM class. Well, because of the heavy downpour, I decided to stay throughout the whole event instead. I arrived @ the venue 5 minutes early. That gave me ample time to retouch and get everything together. IMG_2688I was the first one to arrive!DSC02378-horzThis area is for the facial treatments. I would’ve given it a try if I weren’t wearing any makeup on.IMG_2628-horzAfter about 20 minutes, more bloggers started arriving. We started with the testing and guessing games.

These are the masks that an iWhite Team member used on her face (with makeup and without) They clearly show how the mask can strip off dirt and other impurities such as blackheads.DSC02382-horzHere is Achi Char ( trying to guess which of the products is iWhite’s moisturizing gel. Guessing it correctly would give you a sachet of the product itself. Achi Char, including myself, and the other bloggers were all able to get one!DSC02397-horzHere is another game. You have to flip 3 matching photos of the product to get a sachet of an iWhite product. Nobody really lost! Everybody got a sachet! DSC02399-horzHere are the sachets of iWhite products I technically “won” during the games.IMG_2621-horz

DSC02402After the games, the iWhite Team presented a Powerpoint presentation expounding on the products from their line and how they differ from any other products in the market.IMG_2650Here are the products that the iWhite Team generously gave to the bloggers who attended.IMG_2640IMG_2644IMG_2645With fellow bloggers Michelle of and Char of http://www.yellowyum.blogspot.comDSC02394With my dearest Achi Char! Check out her lenses from Bangkok!DSC02411IMG_2679The same lovely ladies I went to the Etude House Opening Party with! Ann of and Achi Char!DSC02419DSC02421DSC02423With Apple Calimbas of Charles of with all the bloggers that came to the event.

DSC02426The president of iWhite Korea together with his son.DSC02428The iWhite Team together with the president.DSC02432The bloggers with the president of iWhite Korea.DSC02433Papa John’s served really delicious pizza and pasta!DSC02435-horzDSC02440-horzMarketing Head for iWhite, JP Palma Gil, gets a facial.DSC02443Blogger friends Janica of together with her boyfriend Ira, and Achi Char.DSC02445Fellow bloggers enjoying the food!DSC02446My favorite people! LuLu Makeup ladies together @ the event.DSC02447DSC02450Upcoming YouTube star and a very good friend of mine, Janica Buhain of and DSC02453IMG_2699Thank you iWhite Team for the goody bags!

List of products received:

  1. iWhite Whitening Pack
  2. iWhite Facial Cream
  3. iWhite Nose Pack
  4. iWhite Moisturizing Facial Wash
  5. iWhite Aqua Moisturizing CreamIMG_2725IMG_2729P.S. In depth blog entry about the iWhite products will be published shortly.


  1. I SUPER DUPER DUPER LOVE YOUR OUTFIT DEAR! Now, with Google Reader, I can read all the blogs I'm subscribed to! Lol! This event looked extra funnn :)

  2. it was nice meeting you at the event Say. puro beauty bloggers kasama ko--in short, I was around lotsa beautiful people like you. thanks iWHITE!!!!

  3. Thanks for the photo!Love to have finally saw you in person! Hope to see u again soon and Charm too,you guys are super gorgeous! Love love!

  4. Thanks Janah dear! It's my first time to see you comment! Hahaha :) Yeah, it was really fun.
    Hi Antonio! Thanks so much for the photo!!! :) See you in events! :)
    Hi Apple! You can grab the photo if you like. :) Thanks so much! Stay pretty!

  5. it was nice meeting you! thanks for the photos. :)

  6. I love your outfit! I use iWhite's makeup base and the gel moisturizer <3

  7. Thanks Helga!! :) <3 I kinda broke out from the mask. :s

  8. cute outfit, and great post with the other bloggers! two thumbs up for linking their blog site. And also this the first I heard about iwhite korean. Nice!

    xo, AiRene

  9. i have been using iwhite products for almost a year now and i must say i absolutely love it.. they didnt gve me breakouts at all knowing that i have super sensitive skin.. hope it works well with u say!=) anyhow, new blogger here..=)

  10. Nice to hear that niftyneej! ;) I'll do reviews soon! :D Thank you so much for reading dear! Will check out your blog. :D

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