Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Behind the Scenes: LuLu Makeup Photoshoot

After being postponed due to the strong typhoon last week, the photoshoot for LuLu Makeup finally pushed through. The venue was held at the Camera Cart Studio at Sikatuna Village. The shoot started at 1:00PM and we luckily ended at around 6:00—finishing all the looks that were planned. The Lu sisters (Charlene, Dane and Justine) including Janica and I , were all present. Our photographer was Ed Altares.

The studio was very nice. I felt really comfortable working with the LuLu Team. The only pressure that was pressed on us was time! We hustled like we never hustled before! I regret not having taken more BTS shots since I forgot to bring my extra pairs of hands.IMG_2407-horzThere were plenty of LuLu Makeup palettes for everyone to use! IMG_2424-horzHere is Achi Char (Charlene Lu) working on the hair of Dane.IMG_2420-horzMy second and third look. You can veryu much tell what the second look is all about! I love you KARMINMUSIC! I wasn’t able to take a shot of the first look, but the shots from Kuya Ed will definitely compensate for that!IMG_2430-horzHere’s another long long sister of mine! The beautiful Janica Buhain! Luckily squeezed in these shots in between changing of hair and makeup.IMG_2433-horzAchi Char with myself in my “just-had-squid-for-lunch-look” Hahaha! I told you we can totally pass for sisters! Can you believe she’s married? She looks sooooooo young! IMG_2438-horzWhen the pressure was dying… DSC02359Seriously one of the most beautiful faces I’ve worked on. This is Dane Lu. She’s only 16! Such potential to be a model. She has the most beautiful skin ever. I hardly did any concealing. I heard Janica rave about Justine’s complexion as well! The Lu sisters definitely have great genes! 265786_2139758610318_1136734520_32561827_7265336_o-horz277761_224416367589883_151123184919202_745551_6942741_o-horzThank to Achi Char for all these BTS shots of me and Dane!271473_2139761370387_1136734520_32561834_1534787_o-horzJanica and myself working on Dane and Justine.279915_2139765530491_1136734520_32561850_973709_o-horzThe living doll.280290_2139765810498_1136734520_32561851_673355_o-horzOur working area was all messed up!266774_2139773170682_1136734520_32561877_3141912_o-vertThe LuLu Makeup Team with our photographer Kuya Ed.DSC02371-vertThe beautiful Lu sisters.266421_2139770490615_1136734520_32561869_6599686_oHaving some pizza after all the hair and makeup madness. DSC02367Stay tuned for the official photos!

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Visit Janica’s blog at www.dianejanica.blogspot.com


  1. Gorgeous girls! I love your hair Say. I want my hair to be that long too.

  2. wow namiss ko naman yung camera cart! that was where i had my first make up artist gig :) oh well so excited for the official photos!

  3. Thank you Micmic! :) Just grow it out for 3 years!!! :)
    Thanks Mich! It did look a bit scary in person. :))
    Hi Joice!! It was such a nice studio. :D

  4. hi say can you do a tutorial on Jessie J's look on her Nobody's Perfect video? the one with the purple lips... it's the 'blonde dip' on this blog post: http://feedlimmy.wordpress.com/2011/04/15/jessie-j-nobodys-perfect-music-vid/

    i couldn't find a more decent picture but i hope you grand my request:) godbless


  5. Hi Elibeth!!! I'll work on that one! Thanks for suggesting :D I'll let you know when I do it!

  6. hi say!im very curious on what false lashes do you use?i dont care if they arent branded at all...i have really short/nonexistent lashes.haha! i was hoping you could help me where you get yours?thanks!:)

  7. Hi Kshan! I use a lot of lashes. Some from Saizen, some from Shawill, and some from Cebu. :) Get the ones from Shawill (available at Watsons SM City Manila Lower Ground Floor) They have a great variety of lashes! :) I'll be selling lashes soon! ;)