Friday, July 29, 2011

Ask Say (Week 3)


Kelly Wong: What foundation will you recommend for combination skin?

A: According to my research, cream-to-powder bases work great for combination skin. Mineral foundations work well on all skin types, especially sensitive skin. I recommend James Cooper Cream Foundation, Fanny Serrano’s Two Way Cake, and Maybelline’s selection of mineral foundations *which you will be able to see easily @ the Maybelline counter.

Yhang Bongcawil: i know, this isnt about "make ups" but, please please share us (some) how you met your bf ♥

A: I met Paulo when I was in fourth year high school. We became friends and eventually became really close…and then one day, poof! We became KoKo Krunch!

Sandee Proud: Hi Say!! Im Sandee From MakeupBySandeeTv :) I Just Wanna ASk If What Is The Best Water Proof Mascara & Also The Foundation .. :) Need Namin For Photoshoot.. :) & I have a Curly Hair Nuh po ung mgnda na NilalaGay .. Para Ma Prevent ung Pagka Dry & Frizzy :) Kci Nag Straighten My Hair Using Flat IRON.. That's It Say! I Hope You Answer :) My Question Love you!

A: Hi Sandee! The best waterproof mascara I can recommend is Maybelline’s waterproof mascaras (I trust Maybelline when it comes to this stuff) Waterproof Foundation—I cannot really give a definite answer, but I guess the James Cooper Cream Foundation would work. To prevent curls from drying and frizzing up, use hair products from Watsons! They have a lot of hair products which you will easily be able to spot. I’m sure one of those products there would cater to preventing hair from drying up and frizzing.

Rochelle Anne Barrios Balida: hi miss you know po any palettes na puro matte ung eyeshadow?where can i buy it and how much po?thank you ♥

A: Hi Rochelle! The LuLu Makeup will surely have one of those palettes. Please to to for more information. *Click the eyeshadow palettes tab* Prices are also available there.


A: What you always see me wearing are not circle lenses. I have never worn circle lenses before. I wear contacts to see better because my eyesight is really poorer that poor. I got them from my eye doctor. I believe they came from a store here in Quiapo called “Sundin”. (light brown inner rim, blue middle rim, black outer rim)

Ivy Boto: What do you usually bring in your purse?

A: A lot of stuff! I’ll do a separate video on that.

Shimmerjjang Andhie-- i'm a fan of yours! weeee~what do you think is the best concealer in covering up zits or pimples in times of emergency???kkkk~

A: Thank you dear! Best concealer would have to be LuLu Makeup’s Concealer!!! Visit

Michelle Grace Magramo-- Repost: I know you're not a BB cream fan but are you willing to try one out? Why or why not? :)

A: Yes, you are right, I don’t like BB Creams. But I am willing to give it a try again. ;) I think I just haven’t found the right BB Cream for me.

Merrylyn Choo-- Hi I know I have asked you about online website that ships to uk! But is an online site you know that ships internationally! Like Asian cosmetics even if it's not from phili! Just some trusted and affordable online site! Thanks...and lastly what are your fav brush brands?

A: Hi Merrylyn, I really cannot give you a definite answer. I’m sure that LuLu Makeup would ship internationally, though. My favorite brush brands are Dollface Cosmetics, Marionnaud (from Watsons), and Fanny Serrano *which I forgot to mention in the video.

Kristianne Anvi Marie Caayao-- Hi, Say! I'm gonna ask you this question coz I'm really curious. Do you or did you ever go to school without make-up? And, when did you start wearing make-up for school? Thanks!

A: Yes, I have gone to school for YEARS without makeup on.  I started wearing foundation when I had a bad case of acne. I would just slap the foundation all over my face and feel great. That was the biggest mistake ever! When I entered HS4-college, I finally learned how to properly apply makeup! That’s when this whole YT thing started happening.

Sannie Mae: Say! I had fun watching your 'Ask Say' Vids! Stay happy and in love! :D

A: Sannie! I miss you! Hope to see you and Genn soon!

Zarah Libozada:  how to make your make-up last long? especially the lipstick. and how to prevent ur eyeliner from ur upperlash to smudge in your lowerlash...nagmumukha po kasi mega laki eye bags. :-/

A: Use Skin Hour’s Mattifying Day Cream (for the face), Etude House sells a lipstick base (which will make your lip color last longer and look more vibrant in terms of color) Use a gel eyeliner that is smudge proof. I recommend Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner.


  1. I'm not a BB Cream fan too. I feel like it's a waste of money because none of them really match my skin and many of them makes me look like I'm dead.

  2. Thank you for answering my question Say. As soon as my stocks arrive, I can give you some samples of BB creams for you to try out. What are that brands that you've tried so far? :)

  3. can u show us how you organize your make up stash ^^

  4. Thanks for mentioning me here Say! Miss you too and see you soon! :)

  5. Awwwwww! Amishu both! We should see each other soon! Thanks for remebering us Say~

  6. Hi Rae! I think I agree with you! They don't seem to have BB creams with Filipino shades, you know what I mean? :) But I have yet to try Tony Moly and Etude House's BB Creams!

    Hi MicMic! Wow, that's great! Thank you dear. :) The only one I've tried is the Maybelline one, and another one from some Korean store.

    Hi Anonymous! Sure, I'll squeeze that in! ;)

    Hi pink maria! Of course! You deserve it! ;)

    Genn!!! I miss you two too!!! Of course I remember you girls.