Friday, July 22, 2011

“Ask Say” Vlogs (1 & 2)

I’ve started a whole new segment on my YouTube Channel and I call it the “Ask Say”! We’re on our third week right now but I just wanted to fully introduce the first two Ask Say vlogs that I have already uploaded the past two weeks.

Ask Say vlogs are basically videos wherein I answer all the questions that are asked in my Facebook fan page. I will be posting a status message every Friday signaling the start of my collection of questions that will be included in the weekly Ask Say vlogs.

Ask Say vlogs go up on Mondays which gives me the whole weekend (Saturday and Sunday) to film and edit. I entertain questions till the very last minute! Usually I end the thread by saying I’m already in the process of filming the said video.

Watch Ask Say Week ONE:

Special mention to these lovely ladies who sent in their questions: Merrylyn Choo, Lolli Pwnthis, Giezelle Uy, Sarah Cruz, Xhan Xhan Macapagal, Lanie Isabel and Renei Soldevilla

Now for Ask Say Week TWO:HPIM0001post

Special thanks to these gorgois ladies: Krizel Corpuz, Melissa Anne Agbulos, Charlene Lu Tan, Sarah Cruz, Shop Til Yu Drop, Maricela Dyvilyanski, Xhan Xhan Macapagal, Cindy Rivera Epan, Zoey Alexandra, Haydee Garcia and Jeliza Lomaniog

I just posted a status message on my fan page for Ask Say Week 3!

Send in your questions now!

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