Thursday, June 9, 2011

Winners for my 20th Birthday Giveaway

Good morning everyone! It’s 2:30AM and I am announcing my winners for my 20th birthday giveaway. Two (2) readers of mine will get to have brunch with me at my favorite French restaurant, The French Baker and have perfectly polished nails using Perfectly Polished Nail Salon and Spa’s services.

After going through the entries and replying to all of them, I have gathered my top five (5) winners. The reason for this is that I forgot to indicate that only people who will be able to go to the venue (which is SM City Manila) will be counted in. I received entries from Davao, Baguio…etc., and I don’t think it would be possible for me to bring/fly you guys here in Manila just for brunch and a nail treatment. Nevertheless, I appreciate everyone who joined in. I personally replied to all of the entries (except for the entries that are entered in the photo in my fan page—but those did count, too.) I will be announcing my top 2 first, and in the event that one of them (or both) will come from somewhere really far, or won’t be able to make it on the date itself, I would still have three (3) persons to choose from coming from the top 5 winners.

After a lot of reviewing and contemplating..


Genn Delizo (@MissGennD)


Sannie Mae Paronda (@prinsesanimike)

I will be sending you guys a text message and a DM in Twitter.

I send my deepest gratitude to everyone who has joined my 20th birthday giveaway. I honestly felt 50% more happy on my birthday because of my readers and supporters. Again, thank you everyone!!!

***My Neutrogena Giveaway is still going on. You have until June 12th to complete the challenge! Hurry!***


  1. Redundant as it may be, but belated happy birthday again, dear say! and congrats to the winners! ^__^

  2. hello poh...nakita poh kita sa sm manila kahapon...:) hehe! gusto sana kita tawagin kakahiya lang..:D

  3. Thank you so much Say~ I can't wait to meet you and Sannie Mae!

  4. Thanks for being a great sport Sugar, and I won't forget what you said in that entry of yours. :)
    Thank you Angel! You are so sweet! :)
    Hi Amie! Oh nooo what did I look like? Hahaha I was rushing! Where did you see me. :D Next time say Hi! I don't bite ;)
    Hi Genn! See you on Sunday :D