Thursday, June 16, 2011

Review: EOS Lip Balm in Summer Fruit

DSC02032EOS Lip Balm “Evolution of Smooth” precisely glides onto lips

I personally think that this lip balm is the best among all the other lip balms out there in the market. How do I love thee? Let me count (and expound on) the ways…

1. The packaging is beyond cute. Very clever. Very unique. Extremely adorable.

2. The flavors are all likeable. Summer Fruit, in particular, tastes fruity! (not that I licked the balm—you know what I mean by ‘tastes’)

3. Glides on the lips perfectly—the spherical shape of the balm enables this to happen.

4. The balm does not build up white residue on the lips after application

5. 100% NATURAL

6. 95% ORGANIC (I wonder where the other 5% has gone to?)

IMG_1371DSC02034I’ve been using this balm for about two weeks now and I can’t do anything but rave about it. This is a gift from Charles of WickeRmoss. My sister, Iza, has the same flavor—and she also can’t stop raving about it! She ordered hers from Charlene Tan of ShopSui.

I highly recommend this to people out there who are in search for the perfect lip balm.


  1. I have this too! It smells sooo good! :-)

  2. i used to have a pack of these balms but i gave almost all of them away because my lips went awfully chapped last december. :(

    it's my fault though hehe. i have extremely dry lips but i atill think this is a good product! :)

  3. Hi Sugar! Wooow reaally??? Maybe you can try Suuthe lip balm. :)

  4. waaahh!! i have this one too! and i agree, this is one of the best lip balms ever created. not to mention it's organic. :)

  5. Lovely Pettit Mom: OH YEAAAAH!!! :)
    Hi Karla!!! :) I totally agree!

  6. Where can I get this? :)

  7. Hi Anonymous! Go to to order :D

  8. Thanks Janinay! Get one for yourself!

  9. I like it because it glides on my lips really smooth!
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  10. I tired the EOS lip balm before, it made my lips smooth. But now, I'm using a fruity lip balm because I really love the taste and it relaxes me. I bought it at (, last month. Does the EOS brand have lipsticks? Salamat sis!