Tuesday, June 28, 2011

PMS Breakout Buddies: For Women with Raging Hormones


It’s no secret how I wear makeup to school everyday. When it comes to that time of the month, I break-out like hell. The magic of concealer, foundation and setting powder makes it all disappear…but not for long! At the end of the day, you’ll have to wash all the makeup off and deal with it.

This is usually my routine in removing makeup everyday (sans the mask—which is for every other day only):

  1. Remove eye and lip makeup with Etude House Eye and Lip Makeup Remover (PHP 198.00).
  2. Apply St. Ives Fresh Skin Makeup Remover and Facial Cleanser then wash it off
  3. Pump out Neutrogena' Hydroboost Mousse Cleanser and apply it all over my face thoroughly—this will remove all the makeup, wash off afterwards
  4. Pat dry
  5. Apply Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque—such a tingling and cooling sensation on the face. Put on for about 15-30 minutes (I can wear it for an hour!) and rinse off—your zits should look much calmer now.
  6. Apply moisturizer (I use Neutrogena Hydroboost Water Gel—not in photo) and apply Benzoyl Peroxide—not in photo, on the zits (dot them on)
  7. Sleep on a clean pillow!
  8. Tomorrow you shall wake up with almost healed zits.



  1. thanks for this info ms.say... i'll remember the said products for sure...especially now that it's my first day :) thanks again.

  2. This is pretty nice :O I always have the same problem :(

  3. Thanks Photoescape! :)
    Hi Clariza! Thanks for reading! Glad this helped! :)
    Hi LadyLuck! I feel you!!!

  4. Super love it! I will get these products next time... ^__^

  5. Where can I buy the hydroboost water gel? :)

  6. GREAT JOB! :D
    U might want to try the TBS tea tree oil as well. :D they work great

  7. I looove the etude house makeup remover!!

  8. Hi Angel! :) You really should! :)
    Hi Diane! The whole Hydroboost line is available at Watsons! ;)
    Thanks Christine! Thanks, I will!
    Hi Jackie! No problem! ;)
    Hi Mich! Me toooo!! :D

  9. wow!!!! you replied in my message ms.say... sobrang thank you po. :)