Saturday, June 25, 2011

Partnership with LuLu Makeup

lulu!!!FINALFINALAfter the business meeting with with Charlene Tan (owner of ShopSui and Skin Hour) and fellow blogger/makeup guru Janica Buhain, I am very happy to announce that Janica and I are now in partnership with LuLu Makeup!

Janica is one of Youtube’s most beautiful faces—she recently won an online tutorial contest! Have you seen it? She’s got skills, I tell you. It was my first time to meet her during the business meeting for LuLu, and I must really say that she’s a living doll!

Janica’s winning entry for Pyonghwaa's Gyaru Makeup Contest

She is also a beauty blogger! Have you checked out her blog yet? Click here! She’s currently creating a Twitter account and a fan page as well. I’m sure you guys would be wanting to reach her and get to know her more personally! I feel so happy to finally be working with Janica!

All of this wouldn’t have been possible it it wasn’t for Charlene Lu-Tan, whom I fondly call Achi Char. I am truly happy to be starting anew with LuLu Makeup.262692_2178337540620_1312320814_2745527_2060584_n267927_2178334460543_1312320814_2745520_1356065_nDon’t miss the introductory price promo of LuLu Makeup! It will only last for 1 month (June 25-July 25) Click here now to view the products at their intro prices! Happy shopping! You’ll totally love the names of the beautiful palettes!

I currently have the Rio Palette and the Prima Set from Skin Hour. Please stay tuned for new tutorials and reviews using these products!IMG_2100

Like LuLu Makeup’s Fan Page here!

Visit LuLu Makeup’s website:

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For inquiries, you may contact LuLu Makeup at:
0922-8242758 / 0927-2753927


  1. Congratulations at the partnership!

  2. Thank you Mich! You should start making videos.

  3. I've never heard of Lulu makeup! Congrats on the partnership - look forward to seeing how it goes!

  4. I am sooo excited about this Say! From the time you told me about the new line I can't stop thinking which palette to get.

  5. Hi Danniiii it's an entirely new line. Check it out! Thank you so much! :)
    GENN!!! I'm excited to see you again! Hope you come up with a decision na haha! You still have a month naman for the introductory price promo. :)

  6. Say!! Thank you for the introduction!! ngayon ko lang nakita! nako nahiya tuloy ako, hindi pako nakapag blog! ngayon lang nagka-net ulit dito sa house. Anyway, im super excited na to see you and char again this sunday!! :)

  7. Janica!!! Will see you this Sunday!!! :D