Friday, June 24, 2011

KarminMusic’s Amy Heidemann: Suicide Roll Hairstyle Tutorial

HPIM2291-horzA quick tutorial on how to do the Suicide Roll which is worn by Amy Heidemann of KarminMusic so often. I have received a couple of requests on how to do this hairstyle after I posted the KarminMusic Amy Heidemann Inspired Makeup Look and I finally found the time to do it.

Things you need:

  1. Bobby pins (I only used 3 pins)
  2. Hairspray (I used Etude House’s Sweet Style ULTRA Hard Hairspray)
  3. Tail comb (For teasing and smoothing out the hair)
  4. Patience


  1. Gather a portion of your hair on the bangs area.
  2. Back comb your hair to create volume
  3. Smooth out the top area
  4. Wrap the lock of hair around your index finger
  5. Carefully take your finger out while securing the rolled hair
  6. Find the center of the roll and stick the first pin in it
  7. Continue securing the roll until desired shape is achieved
  8. Spray on hairspray

And there you have it! The “Suicide Roll” inspired by the beautiful Amy Heidemann of Karmin.

Watch the tutorial here:

And if by any chance you still haven’t watched the makeup tutorial I did inspired by Amy, here it is:



  1. the one on the make up tutorial looks wayy better and more polished. nonetheless you look very very pretty as always=)


  2. Hi Mich! Thanks ;)
    Hi again Anna! :) Thanks! :D I used fluorescent lighting since the weather was terrible! I actually agree that the one in the tutorial looks waaaaaaaaaaaay better! ;)