Thursday, June 2, 2011

Julia Montes Inspired Look’s Accidental Landing on Cebu’s Newspaper

248451_2053347533884_1250422996_32386036_3691059_nLast May 26, Maan Escrupolo posted this photo on my page in Facebook. It was actually very surprising and amusing at the same time! Remember my Julia Montes Inspired Look?

Julia Montes Inspired Look
Apparently, the intern who wrote about Julia Montes used the wrong photo to go along with the article. The only consolation I find in this is that the inspired makeup look worked. And of course, according to my friend, “Exposure is exposure!”

Just a little side note, this photo will not show up when you Google the words “Julia Montes” (really, try it!) I had to type in “Julie Montes Look A Like” before the photo showed up, so I don’t really understand why this happened. It’s probably because a.) the writer was so sleepy or b.) we really do  look alike (which I can’t still see why)  Did this even pass through the newspaper’s editor?

Thank you Maan for sharing this photo to me! I got a good laugh out of it.


  1. lol. that's funny. If you try googling for "Julia Montes" and set the search results to show only "Large" resolution photos, your photos show up. :)

  2. I saw this one and to be honest you do somehow look a like just a similarity like the eyes, shape of your face and the smile!

  3. Okaay... I was going to congratulate you but I ended up laughing instead. :)

    But your friend's right. It's still your face on the newspaper! :)

  4. So you can be replacement pala or double of Julia Montes if ever she's not available :) just kidding :)

  5. Or maybe the intern was a Kapuso? So she didn't know what Julia looked like? HAHA! But like you said, exposure is exposure and you looked great in the picture!

    I'm a reader and a subscriber BTW.= ) <3

  6. Hi d! Ohhhh maybe that's the reason why. But it's still so weird how it got away with the editor.
    Hi Nadj! Hahaha, that's really cool.
    Hi Mich! Haha, I was kind of excited when I saw my face, too but the article wasn't anything about me! Hahaha! Oh yeah, exposure is still exposure. ;)
    Hi Iya! I think I should meet and take a photo with Julia. Haha!
    Hi Glenn! Hahaha that's hilarious!!! :)) Mara Clara's ending na rin naman soon!
    Hi Alex! I actually don't know talaga. Haha! Thank you so much for the compliment! ;) Thank you so much for reading my blog. It means a lot to me talaga.

  7. LOL!! So much for responsible journalism, eh? :P

  8. Hello Say! you really are gaining popularity. ^_^ imagine hitting the local newspaper? haha. take care!

    - melissa

  9. Hi Nina! Haha I know! :))
    Hi Mel! Aww, it was just an accident, and I don't think a lot of people even recognized it was me. Plus, Cebu's faaaaar away. :)