Saturday, June 25, 2011

I Am My Own Walking Portfolio Wrap Up

IMG_2050-horzDue to the terrible weather here in Manila, I am officially wrapping up my “I Am My Own Walking Portfolio” Hair and Makeup for School entries.

We completed three (3) days of it!

Day 1: Big curly hair, red lips, simple winged eye look.

Day 2: 50’s Inspired ‘do, scarlet lips, smoked out eye look.

Day 3: Curled hair, soft pink lips, simple winged eye look with lashes.

Missed those entries? Simply click on “Day 1” “Day 2” or “Day 3”—links embedded in!

It would’ve been so much better if this went on for 7 days. Nevertheless, I can still continue posting my looks for school next week! I hope you enjoyed those three days!


  1. hi say! you're from commerce ba? see you around campus :) i'm from med. small world!


  2. Absolutely enjoyed the posts! I love the Day 3 look..but of course Day 1 & 2 is just stunning with your Red lips. therefore I conclude that red lips is your "Signature Look". :) Btw, Day 1 look ur cheeks looked so blush.. :D

  3. Hi Melissa! Yes I'm from the College of Commerce. :) Oh wow so cool! Hope to see you around! :)
    Hi Nadj! Thank you so much! :D

  4. You are stunning! I love the first look. Definitely following. Hope you follow back. =)

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