Thursday, June 23, 2011

“I Am My Own Walking Portfolio” Day 3 of 4: Hair and Makeup for School

IMG_2108We’re on Day 3 of 4. The weather is unbelievably awful today. I wanted to wear curls again just because. Kept my makeup pretty simple (in my makeup look dictionary, it is, but for others, this may seem a little bit “too much” again) Wanted to add a little some’in some’in hence, the lashes. Pink lips because the weather calls for it. Let’s save red smoochers for another sunny day. Read on to find out how I did my hair and makeup today…IMG_2109-horz


  1. Blow-dried my hair
  2. Sectioned my locks into 5 sections and putting them in buns
  3. Sprayed Monea CPR Heat Protectant on first section
  4. Curled using my BaByliss iPRO200 on 200 degrees Celcius
  5. Sprayed on Etude House’s Sweet Style Hair Spray Ultra Hard and twisted the curls back into a bun.
  6. Work on the other sections with the same steps (3-5)


  1. Moisturize, do your concealing, foundation and brow work. Same products used in Day 1 and 2, read here.
  2. Before working on my eyes, I did my contouring and blush work first. Used the same products: contouring—FS Two Way Cake in Orleans and blush—The Body Shop Roseflower Blush 02
  3. Highlighted my face using Etude House' Secret Beam Highlighter
  4. Applied Etude House’ Secret Beam Highlighter all over my lids and inner corners of my eyes (whoever said you can’t use it as E/S?)
  5. Lined my eyes as usual using Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner
  6. Applied false lashes
  7. Curled lashes together and applied mascara
  8. Lined lower waterline with Fashion 21 White Eye Pencil
  9. Lined lower lashline using Beauty Marked E/S by MAC
  10. Used Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Color in Angel Rose for my lip color

That’s basically how I did this look.

Don’t let the weather make you feel blue!!! See you on Saturday for Day 4! (No classes tomorrow)


  1. So glad to find your blog I adore all your make up looks, you are so pretty, and the product reviews are great, you have a new follower! I hope to get better at my own make up, would love some tips, Pearl xx

  2. I looove how simple this look is!! Pretty! :D

  3. Hi Pearl! I followed your blog!! It's so niceeee!!! <3 Thank you so much for reading mine :D If you need any help, I'm just an email away dear! :D Or tweet me at saytioco. :)
    Hi Mich!!! Thank you so much! When are we going out again!