Tuesday, June 21, 2011

“I Am My Own Walking Portfolio” Day 1 of 4: Hair and Makeup for School

If you follow me on Twitter, you would have probably seen my tweet saying “I am my own walking portfolio.” It’s just something that entered my mind when I was asked by somebody about why I always dress up for school. By dress up I mean do my hair and makeup! Don’t get me wrong, makeup is not really necessary or obligatory in our college. It’s a personal preference of mind to look presentable everyday. On top of that, I have this philosophy that I am my own walking portfolio. As a freelance hair and makeup artist, I believe that I get to attract clients with whatever look I wear everyday. My works are reflected on them. I came up with this idea to post a photo of myself in different hair and makeup looks everyday starting today and ending on Saturday (we’ll be skipping Friday since we don’t have classes on that day) IMG_2050

This is for Day 1 of 4. A simple looks that never really goes out of style. Pin-up!

Quick ways on how to achieve this look:

  1. Moisturize your face. *I used Neutrogena Hydroboost Water Gel—this product is the most amazing moisturizer ever made.
  2. Conceal imperfections. *I used my favorite Dollface Concealer in #3 using my Dollface Concealer Brush from the 12 Piece Pink Brush Set.
  3. Buff foundation all over your face. *I used CoverGirl Aqua Smooth Makeup Foundation in Creamy Natural and my favorite Marionnaud Blush Brush, I applied the foundation in a circular, buffing motion. This creates an even finish without streak marks.
  4. Set your powder in. *I used Fanny Serrano’s 2 Way Cake in Organza—100% recommended. This product is the best among all the powders I’ve used. Creates such a silky finish and gives amazing coverage. For PHP399.00, this is definitely worth it!
  5. Do your brows. *I filled in my brows using the wax part of the Maybelline BrowDefinist by Eyestudio, I also used the powder to fill in sparse areas.
  6. Apply highlight on the eyes. *I used Shroom E/S by MAC and applied it on the inner corners of the eyes, and all over the lids as well as the inner thirds of the lower lashline. This will instantly make your eyes look bright and refreshed!
  7. Line your eyes crisply. *I used my N38 Marionnaud brush to line my eyes with Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner.
  8. Curl your lashes and apply a generous amount of mascara. *Elf Mechanical Lash Curler and Maybelline Stiletto Mascara=perfect combination! Apply mascara on your lower lashes as well!
  9. Apply blush. *I used The Body Shop’s Roseflower Blush in 02
  10. Apply highlight powder on your face. *I applied Etude House’s Secret Beam Highlighter on the upper area of the apples of my cheeks, my cupid’s bow, my chin, my nosebridge, and my forehead. This step will make you look glowy!
  11. Apply lip balm. *I used my EOS Summer Fruit.
  12. Line and fill in your lips with a lip pencil. *I used Nichido’s Lip Liner in Blaze.
  13. Apply a matte red lip color. *I used Ever Bilena’s Matte Lipstick “Love that Red”—this product stayed intact and perfectly on my lips WITHOUT RETOUCHING FOR 5 HOURS! My lips did not dry at all. Just keep smacking them together once in a while.
  14. Contour your cheeks. *I used Fanny Serrano 2-Way Cake in Orleans to sculpt my cheeks.

And there you go…the classic pin-up look.

For the hair I chose to go all curly today. I used my BaByliss iPRO200 on all 6 sections of my hair. I used the inward and outward curling method to create more volume. The heat protecting spray I used is from Monea called “CPR”.


  1. After curling a section of your hair, spray on some hair spray and pull it together in a bun. I ended up with 6 buns on my head.
  2. Afterward, remove all the elastics, bring all your hair together and flip it upside down (bow in front really low)
  3. Run your fingers through your hair and spray on hairspray.
  4. The last step is to flip your hair back and ta-daaaaah! Beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed Day 1! See you tomorrow for Day 2.


  1. no sunblock? that's a sin.

  2. mukha ka talagang artista araw araw :))

  3. You look so gorgeous with bright red lips ♥
    and perfect curled hair!

    Im not good at curling my hair, really need more practice LOL

  4. Wow you look absolutely awesome in your hair and makeup! Oh and may I ask what hair spray did you use? Whenever I curl my hair, it becomes straight immediately within the hour. Even with products! So I've been on the search on what hair product perfect for curling. Also Where can I buy the heat protecting spray? hope u don't mind.. :) thanks thanks


  5. Anonymous, my classes are from 3-7PM, I don't really put sunblock on my face. :)
    Paola!!! You are so sweet. :D I'm flattered! Oh wait, nakikita mo ba ako araw araw?! :O Hahaha!!!
    MicMic, thank youuuu so much :D
    Liz! Anyone can look gorg in red lips! :D Oh you can do it!!!! <3
    KAI!!! Thank you so much! I used Etude House's Sweet Style Hairspray ULTRA HARD. (I forgot to indicate that) You have to scrunch once in a while. CPR can be found in Watsons. :D

  6. I miss long vids from you say! Turn this one into a vid, yes? :D

  7. Thanks Mich!!!! :) <3
    Hi Blabbermouth!!! How LONG do you want my videos to be??? I'm sticking to 6 mins and under kasi. :D Hahah maybe I can do a vlog tomorrow for my Day 2 :D

  8. you are so pretty!! :) im sure you turn heads at the campus.. :)

    i'm intrigued with Fanny Serrano’s 2 Way Cake in Organza, is it long lasting too? :)

  9. I only saw you once.hehe. wala na ako sa UST kaya di na kita makikita.sayang :)

  10. Hi Say! :) You look really good! :D Can you please upload a tutorial on how you do your curls using the babybliss curler? :) I learned from your tutorial before using JML. Thank you! More power!!! <3

  11. Hi Karla! Awww thank you :D Yes it is long lasting! I'm gonna do a review on it soon. I just have to find time. :D
    Hi Paola! :) Aww that's okay! :D
    Hi Berrykisses! I will! :D Thank you for watching! Please stay tuned for it. :D

  12. woah i wish i could hire you as my everyday stylist!!! you look amaaazing and for a normal day at school! can't wait for day 2 :)


  13. you wear that much makeup in school?! :O I think that's too much. =__= you look good though. :/

  14. Hello The Perpetrator!!! You are so sweet! :D Thank you <3 Will post Day 2 now.

    Hi Anonymous, the title says it all. And thank you so much! :)