Sunday, June 12, 2011

Debutante (Raiza Macaraeg) & Mom: Hair and Makeup

June 9, 2011—Hair and makeup appointment with Raiza Macaraeg for her debut. Remember this post? She’s the same girl from that shoot! Her big day has finally come. I skipped classes for this because I rarely back out on previous commitments.

(All photos are unofficial shots from the pre-debut preparation)

I worked on her very supportive mom, first. I wanted to achieve a very natural and light makeup for Mommy. I used Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Water Gel and Skin Hour’s Mattifying Day Cream to avoid oiliness and shine. I concealed areas that needed to be covered up and accented her key features. I lined her upper lash line with a regular black E/S to create depth and definition. It also made her eyes look more deep-set. With Mommy’s hair, I created a simple bundled curl bun with two side strand-curls.IMG_1399-horzWith Raiza’s first look (paired with her debutante gown) I did an elegant look on her using MAC’s Shroom and Beauty Marked E/S. An elegant, smoky eye look suited her best for that night. I paired the smoky eye look with soft pink lips using Etude House’s PK007 lip color. The lip color matched the princess-y feel of her gown.IMG_1405-horzIMG_1409-horzFor Raiza’s hair, I worked with two layers and gathered up bundles of curls to create some kind of a crowded bun. Lots of bobby pins and hairspray were used. Jeweled head piece was pinned to place.

Raiza’s second look consisted of bold fairy-like colors for the eyes and let down 1/4 of the second layer of her bundled curls. (Photo yet to be posted) Her headpiece was a flower crown, also pinned to place.

Official photos will be posted soon. Meanwhile, here are behind the scenes-photos from the pre-debut preparation…IMG_1415-horzIMG_1419-horzIMG_1436-horzIMG_1442-horzHappy happy 18th birthday Raiza!


  1. She's so pretty!! She definitely looks like a princess!!!

  2. Hi Mich! Thank you!!! :D Wait till you see her in her fairy get-up ;)
    Thanks Amanda! :D
    Thank you Eli! <3

  3. great job! ^_^ your model looks so pretty!

    Much Love!