Wednesday, June 15, 2011

20th Birthday Giveaway Date with Genn and Sannie

So I turned 20 last June 6, and I wanted to do something extra special for my readers. It’s always nice to meet the people behind the comments and all the love! I honestly felt really happy while sorting through all the entries. “You inspire me, Say!" statements makes me feel on the top of the world! The giveaway ended on the day of my birthday at 11:00PM. I picked out my winners three days soon after.

Here they are! Sannie (@prinsesanimike) and Genn (@MissGennD):DSC02212-vertIf you follow/read my personal blog, you know how Sundays are always church+brunch with family for me. I personally thought it would be better if I meet my readers on a Sunday since my classes are from Mon-Sat 3-7PM—I can’t really squeeze them in. Luckily, Genn and Sannie were both available on Sunday that week!

You’ll have to excuse my barely made-up face. We were running late for church that morning, and I couldn’t finish my gel liner application in a minute so I decided to just skip it. I did my brows, mascara on my lashes, blush on, foundation, concealer, and EOS lip balm on my lips.IMG_1656-horzDSC02216-horzIMG_1664-horzMy mom and my sisters also had brunch @ The French Baker! Sannie was the first one to arrive. The first thing I noticed: her brows—very defined and perfectly arched! She’s very pretty, too. We decided to order while waiting for Genn. I had my fettucini and Sannie ordered lasagna. I ordered Hot Chocolate in a Pot because I felt that they deserved to enjoy my favorite hot chocolate drink everrr! I felt extremely comfortable with Sannie! It’s like we’ve met before or something. Genn arrived about 15 minutes later and oh my goodness, you all should definitely meet this girl. She’s the bubbliest person I’ve ever met! Before getting all chatty, I went to the counter to give Genn’s order. She had bolognese and iced tea. We sat there for about over an hour just talking about anything! It was so much fun to be with Sannie and Genn! I swear it was just like meeting up with my girls. Genn had a lot to say, it was very interesting to have a conversation with her. Sannie seemed really shy at first, but we got into talking about how they first discovered my blog/videos…etc. Genn is definitely one funny girl. Sannie and I can’t stop laughing because of her funny comments!DSC02198DSC02199IMG_1672-horzBefore my mom and my sisters left the restaurant, I introduced them to Genn and Sannie and had a little picture taking! Mama’s so cute! *BTW, my sister Lady (in the yellow hoodie) is wearing Etude House’s DARK BROWN Bubble Hair Color—it looks great on her, methinks!*IMG_1681IMG_1683-horzIMG_1699-horzIMG_1685-horzIMG_1691-horzAfter a quick restroom break with Sannie, we went to Perfectly Polished Nail Salon to get our nails done. We all got the “Perfectly Polished Manicure” which costs PHP 180.00 each. I chose “Big Apple Red” from OPI for my nail polish. (Not a surprise why I picked red!)Genn and Sannie failed to take note of the shades they chose but Genn’s is a very bright and beautiful shade of pink, while Sannie’s is kind of a black shade (but she told me the shade wasn’t meant to be black, but since they service lady put on double coats…the result looked really black!) Same goes with my Big Apple Red, after the second coat, the color dried darker than normal.DSC02225-horzSannie looked super gorgeous in this photo (see: above L) Don’t you think so? Genn was all wacky and she totally made us laugh with all her kwento’s!!! Check out her poses! Hahaha!DSC02229-horzEven when I had a solo shot taken, Genn was behind me---DOING POSES!!! Hahaha! This girl is soooooo crazy I love it!DSC02232We managed to take a shot together with our newly painted nails! *Lovely wallpaper, don’t you think? And Genn looks reaaally cute in this shot!!!*DSC02242After having our nails done, we strolled around the mall and I did a little impulse shopping (video and blog about my purchases soon). Genn and Sannie were super great shopping partners! I just looooooooove them! *Genn, thank you so much for the lipsticks!!!*IMG_1712

Have you ever felt 100% comfortable with complete strangers?! I know at the end of our meeting, I did.

P.S. Here’s how I looked—almost bare-faced.IMG_1682Thanks to everyone who joined my giveaway! See you all in the next one.


  1. Hi Say! Looks like you girls had fun. <3

    You have great skin. <3 You look beautiful even with almost no makeup on.

    Yup, I'm comfortable with complete strangers except when they're cute guys. :p But I'm rather moody so sometimes I tend to get shy, while sometimes I'm hyper. Mostly, it depends on my mood. =)

  2. Sugar!!! :) Thank you! Hehehe! LOL at the cute guys part. :) I'd like to meet you sometime!!!

  3. @say: This is surely how pretty girls roll. :) Looking forward to meet you soon and other bloggers. :)

  4. Looks like you had fun!!! :-)

    Love your pictures!!

  5. Oh my, you still look so pretty even with your almost bare face.

    You all look happy. I miss this kind of bonding with my girls. :(

  6. Say hope we meet again! I really had fun. You're so nice! and more pretty in person! at tangkad mo pala...haha :D

  7. Say. among other postings... I enjoyed this one muchy... because of that wacky girl. Sometimes people face net to find simple happiness... You should make a video or other photoblog with her again. Looking forward for sure other readers like her too :) mwwah!

  8. Thank you Mich!! :)
    Hi MicMic! Aww do I?! Thank you so much! :) Where ARE your girls? You should hang with them soon! ;)
    Hi Sannieeee!!! I had soooo much fun! Thank you so much! :D
    Hi Kytine! Oh yeah Genn is such a fuuuuun girl! :D Check out their blogs! ;)