Monday, May 30, 2011

Neutrogena Challenge: Defy Skin Dehydration (Day 5 of 5)

day 55
Today is May 30, 2011 (Monday) I’m on my 5th and final day of the Neutrogena Challenge!
Here is the list of the skin-dehydrating activities I did today:

  • NOTHING!!!

You know why? I clocked in 10 hours of sleep today, I did not stress about anything at all (I tried hard not to), I had a decent lunch (egged oatmeal, tuna steak and tuna flakes), I did not expose myself to the sun since I did not go out at all today, and I did not drink any coffee! I turned off the A/C this afternoon because it was too cold (it was raining outside)! So I think it’s off the list!
Can you say “Yey!”? Not really! These skin dehydrating activities all depend on how my days are going. We cannot really say that we won’t be doing any of these activities all the days of our lives! That’s why there’s Neutrogena to the rescueeee!!!
I am ecstatic to try out the newest from Neutrogena! Stay tuned for my review about it.
Now I have finished my challenge. You still have until June 12th to finish yours!
To join the Neutrogena 5-Day Challenge: Defy Skin Dehydration, go through (5) days of observing what skin dehydrating activities you do and how your skin feels for each day,fill out this form on your 5th day and submit.
By joining, you have the chance to win the latest product from Neutrogena!
The NEUTROGENA GIVEAWAY will end on June 12, 2011 at 11:00PM (Monday)
To read about this challenge, click here.


  1. I can hear the choir singing helelujah to this..teehee...:) Skin dehydration also depends on the type of skin an individual has ( ok, i'm forming my own theories here i think..LOL ) anyhow, it is indeed chilly earlier this morning but the sun was shining and i felt the humidity back again. You're so disciplined with your food intake! I can diet as I need to kinda gain more weight but I can't. LOL..

  2. congrats on finishing the challenge say! i think i would fail this miserably haha|! :) i don't even have to try, i just know. ;)

  3. Joines the contest. I submitted the form na. :)

  4. Hi there Say. thanks for the response, I was able to post my first entry for the challenge. I linked back to u and used ur neutrogena image scale. hope its okay.

  5. Hi Iya! Thanks for your feedback! What you said is actually true. :)
    Thanks Mich! :)
    Sugar, why would you fail?!?! Come on. You won't! It's just 5 days. And you don't even have to have 0 skin dehydrating activities on your 5th day!
    Hi Achi Char! Thanks for joining!!! :)
    Hi Tessa! Thanks for letting me know! :D