Thursday, May 26, 2011

Neutrogena Challenge: Defy Skin Dehydration (Day 1 of 5)

day 1

Today is May 26, 2011 (Thursday) Day 1 of my 5-Day Neutrogena Challenge.

The skin dehydrating activities I did today…
Skimped on sleep: I slept at 5:00AM and woke up at 9:00AM—four (4) hours of sleep is barely enough! I had to wake up at 9 since I enrolled in UST today! My eyes were so puffy when I opened them…lack of sleep, what else?! When I was doing my makeup this morning, the area around my nose was super dry. I used my Celeteque moisturizer for my face, but it didn’t make the flakes go away around that area.

Stressing over work: The reason why I stayed up till 5:00AM is that I’ve been working on my blogs, prizes to ship out, events in the upcoming days… I am one freakazoid when it comes to being OC. I stress over the littlest things—which explains my zits at the moment (PMS, stress, hormones and all that women-problem)

Drinking coffee: I did not have coffee today, but I did drink Yogurt Latte Smoothie—which has caffeine in it!
Staying in an air conditioned room: After finishing my workout at 5:30PM, I had my usual night shower and dinner. And now I’m sitting here, doing online stuff (blogging, editing, updating…) with the A/C turned up high.
Today, I did 4 skin dehydrating activities. How about you?
To join the Neutrogena 5-Day Challenge: Defy Skin Dehydration, go through (5) days of observing what skin dehydrating activities you do and how your skin feels for each day, fill out this form on your 5th day and submit. By joining, you have the chance to win something!
To read about this challenge, click here.


  1. :( sayang naman my comment yesterday:'( *sad*

  2. Hi are you Ermilyn? You can use your Day 1 entry from your comnent yesterday!!! I mentioned you in a comment in the previous post :)