Friday, May 6, 2011

░ Event: Etude House Opening Party ░

I was invited to the Etude House Opening Party last May 2, 2011 by Char, the owner of Shopsui and Skin Hour. The event was held at SM Megamall, Mega B Ground Floor. I met up with Char and Ann at around 1:30PM, there were only three of us since the other beauty bloggers that Char invited couldn't make it due to unforeseen circumstances. Etude House was pretty packed when we came in. Nevertheless we were able to shop around. 

For some reason, I kept calling Ann, "Hazel". It was so funny!
An hour passed before I realized I was calling her the wrong name! Sorry Ann!!! 
Ann and Char were like the perfect shopping partners! I felt like I was in a girls' day out of some sort! It was really fun picking out products with them. We each had Etude House's little pink basket (which I actually thought was too small, especially when you'll be picking up boxes or hairsprays)
This is Char! She's the sweetest person ever! Would you believe she's married?! She looks so young, right?
 I love to call her Achi Char! She can pass for my sister!
I picked up quite a few stuff (I actually did a haul video on it, but the video is yet to be uploaded) and went over my budget. I never actually splurged on Etude House products before, but during the opening, Etude House just seemed to have everything! I actually left a few stuff to buy, and I'll be coming back for them!

This is particularly my favorite area. See those Tangerine Cream Blush? Ahhhh...they're heaven!
AND not to mention those blushes and highlighters!
Who would forget the nail polishes?

The famous Bubble Hair Coloring!!! I was soooo surprised to see a full shelf stacked!
Actually thought twice on buying, but I ended up with two boxes!
(Did you know they are sold for a higher price in the internet?)
The famous BB's!

The eye-catching Miss Tangerine line.
What I particularly LOVE about this line is the veiling powder and the cream blush!
Why hello there, Lee Min Ho

My shopping buddies!

Beautiful Ann!

The girl on the right was sweet enough to carry my basket for me when
I was about to pay! They were reaaally nice!

What I hauled from Etude House :)
Etude House had this fun roulette game at the counter. All my purchases summed up to P1,500.00 so I had 3 chances on the roulette! I missed the first two, but I was able to get a free Lee Min Ho Diary on my third try! Along with that, EH also gave freebies.

I also finally got my Pink Membership card! I haven't really gone through the whole reading about what the card does, but I'm pretty sure it's all about % off's!

Here she is, the happy shopper!
After shopping, we were able to get free nail art service! Talk about being pampered!

I asked her to smile! She's really really nice.
She did a gradient effect on my nails. I forgot what this is called. But I like it so much!
Here's the nail dryer--really cute!

Ann getting her nails done :)
Beautiful Achi Char!

Almost done with the nails!
Before we left, the Natural Brown Bubble Hair Coloring shade was all OUT!
This was such a fun day. I went home a happy lady. 
Thank you so much to Char for inviting me! 
Check out their blogs here:
P.S. Char gave me wonderful Skin Hour and Shopsui products! I'll be doing a review very soon! And please stay tuned on my Etude House Haul coming up next...


  1. I'd be in my element if I was there! Looks like you had such a great time. Thanks for sharing pictures with all the fun! x ^_^

  2. Hello VampiressDoll! :) Thank you so much for reading my post. :) You are very much welcome :D

  3. ohhhh....that girl on the right carries my basket too...(from the last line to counter)^^ so nice^^

    Make some review about etude products at your youtube channel plssss**<

  4. I like your nails! Did she used sponge to have that gradient effect or did she used other nail art machine or stamps or something? :)

    You could get extra freebies with your Pink Card if they have special promos and a rebate as well :)

  5. lol love the post!! had fun with you guys! :D how are you liking the skin hour primer and the bubble HC? :D

  6. i love the blue beads necklace!
    havent been in a real etude store, only at the sm makati dept store counter. etude should open one in moa. that would be cool!

  7. Krischia! She's so nice no? Haha! Yeah I will make reviews. Don't worry. :)
    Em, she manually did it. ;) Polish by polish.
    ANNNN!!! I sooo had fun with youuuu!!! The Skin Hour primer is the besssst! And the hair color is totally AWESOME! ;) I did a review on it! :)
    Reina, thank youuu! :) I think MOA has one already (I'm just not that sure) Haha! :)

  8. i wanna buy the Bubble hair color, hope they still have stocks when i get to visit them asap hehe btw, nice post! =)

  9. Hi ate say...ang ganda ng hair mo. san ka nagpapagupit? :)

  10. Stefistic8ed! Yeah go get one! I heard it sells out fast! :) Thanks so much!
    Mae, thank you! I don't get my hair cut, trims lang. Various salons like Ricky Reyes...etc. :) Wala naman akong particular favorite na salon.

  11. oooo Etude House looks like Sephora in the U.S.!!! cool!!! and you are so pretty

  12. Wow, another Etude House event. That bubble (hair dye product) is a must try. Super love Etude house. ;)

  13. Ysha! Thank you so much! Looking forward to meeting YOU!
    Gabrielle, I totally agree! ;)